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The Moon Phase On Your Birthday: What It Says About You and How It Can Influence Your Life

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by Nicole Canfield

The Moon’s Influence On Us

Have you ever noticed how the moon can have such a powerful effect on people? The most common example of this is how crazy some people can act on a Full Moon. Don’t believe me? Pay a visit to a local jail or hospital on a Full Moon and you’ll see just how powerful the Moon’s influence is over people’s thoughts, feelings, and even their actions. My grandfather was a police officer for years and dreaded each Full Moon because it seemed the most whacky crimes would occur on those nights. I am a nurse and am very used to having chaotic nights in the hospital whenever the Full Moon has risen.

Think about how the moon’s phases influence the tides of the ocean. If we as human beings are made up with a minimum of sixty percent of water, doesn’t it make sense that the moon’s phase might influence us as well as the ocean’s tides? If you believe we are connected to the Earth, then you will also believe the moon and the universe can affect us in ways that we might not fully understand. I have come to learn that the phase of the moon on the day you were born might have a specific influence on your life.

First you’ll want to google your birthday and the phase of the moon on that day. Then you can read on here to learn about how your birthday’s moon phase might influence your life.

Born on a New Moon

If you were born under a New Moon, you might notice that you feel exhilarated, inspired, and motivated on a New Moon. Many people find it to be creepy, as it is the darkest part of the month…but you feel differently. You feel good on a New Moon in many ways. You might notice that the air even has a certain “magical” quality on a New Moon that it doesn’t have the rest of the month. Your energy will be increased and your senses more heightened and alert. You might get an urge to create, develop, or finish projects around the house or in business.

People born under a New Moon might have some or all of the following qualities:

  • are creative and inventive
  • are adaptable to change
  • enjoy new challenges and gets bored if in a set routine
  • love to meet new people but…
  • can sometimes be introverted or “closed off” to others
  • can be very reflective of self decisions and qualities
  • might have a hard time trusting others

So when the next New Moon rolls around, take note about how you feel. Does the New Moon affect you in a positive way? I’ll venture to say it does!

Born on a Waxing Moon

Are you a waxing moon baby? The Waxing Moon is simply the moon growing to its fullest position. Therefore when waxing moon babies go through the waxing moon phase each month, they might tend to feel growth in many areas of their lives. This is the time they will feel the best all month long! They might feel influenced to grow their finances, family life, love, social life, etc. This growth usually comes with things in their lives that are already established. Again, the energy of the Waxing Moon will make you feel enlightened, alive, and vibrant. Look forward to the Waxing Moon each month and notice how it influences you in such a positive light!

People born under a Waxing Moon might have some or all of the following qualities:

  • are usually very constructive and productive
  • are positive people with a positive outlook on life
  • are trusting and outgoing in a comfortable setting
  • are here to learn and grow in love and with their goals
  • are goal-oriented people
  • are usually very considerate of others’ feelings and needs, sometimes as a fault to themselves
  • sometimes need a motivating force to drive them (i.e. a friend or loved one to push them to succeed)

Born Under a Full Moon

Oh Full Moon babies…such unique individuals! If you were born under a Full Moon, you might be one of those people who say they feel best on a Full Moon (which is rare indeed!) Maybe you’ve always noticed how alive you feel on a Full Moon and you never quite understood why others feel chaotic or disorganized on a Full Moon. Perhaps you feel energetic, motivated, and focused on your goals and life’s outcomes under a Full Moon. This is because you are a Full Moon baby…

People born under a Full Moon might have some or all of these qualities:

  • are extroverted and super friendly
  • tend to change their minds quickly / can be very fickle
  • are motivated by success and accomplishment
  • like to see their efforts come to fruition quickly
  • are usually concentrated on business endeavors
  • are likely to be very good with bringing in the dough ($$$)
  • learn things quickly and then move on to the next challenge
  • will “tell it like it is”; are very truthful individuals
  • are great lovers!

Born Under a Waning Moon

Being born under a Waning Moon means you will feel your best when the moon is in this phase. This phase is directly after the Full Moon and is when the Moon is withdrawing its light…soon to die and be reborn as a New Moon. If you were born under a Waning Moon, you might notice that you feel the most comfortable with yourself and your surroundings during the Waning Moon. You might feel confident and ready to take on the world under a Waning Moon, whereas others might feel more withdrawn and less focused.

People born under a Waning Moon might have some or all of the following qualities:

  • are really good at reflecting upon themselves and making necessary changes
  • make wonderful healers in the medical and holistic communities
  • love things to be clean and pure
  • appreciate the beauty all around them
  • are particular about the cleanliness of their surroundings and hygiene
  • are motivated by the actions of others and learn from others’ mistakes
  • are easily able to relax and relieve stress within themselves and others

Tuning Into the Moon

To tune into the moon’s energies means your quality of life will increase. Why is this? When we are connected to the Earth and the energies around us, we will feel Spirit flowing through our surroundings and into our own bodies and souls. When we tune into the Moon’s energies, it is a special kind of Spiritual energy. It is Spirit in a more cosmic and emotional form. The Moon has long been connected to the Divine Feminine and therefore to the ocean and the element of water in general. The moon is therefore connected to the feminine qualities within all of us.

The Moon influences our artistic abilities, creativity, the love in our lives, and the way we express ourselves emotionally. By tuning into the moon’s phases, you will notice that you will begin to be more in tune with your own energies, emotions, and spiritual phases. We are all one, and therefore we are connected to all that is within the Universe, including the Moon in all her glory.

Art by: Lori Menna

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