The Perils Of True Love

by Conscious Reminder

Like every other thing in life which is significant and important, even true love comes with a few problems of its own.

First of all, because it means no expectations or obligations, it means that you are, in a sense, on your own.

You can’t expect your twin flame to live according to your choices. They will do what they think is best for them, and you will have to make your peace with it.

It is your duty to not feel threatened if they decide to talk to another person. Remember, you cannot control them; you can only control your own emotions.

And this is challenging. It is easier to say that you love and accept someone with all their flaws but very difficult to put it into practice. But when it is true love, you will slowly learn to do just that.

Another problem with true love is that we cannot, at first, handle all the love that comes our way. For us to be able to love someone else, we need to learn to love ourselves. And how many of us were taught, or in fact even told about self-love?

Most of the millennials are in a love-hate relationship with themselves. We experience reservations in forgiving ourselves for our drawbacks. And then this random stranger shows up who seems to love us for the good, AND the bad as well?

How is it possible? It takes a lot of time and effort to even reconcile with the idea that the things we used to think were less than perfect about ourselves, are appreciated by someone else.

In true love, we have no other option but to embrace ourselves, the good and the bad because our partner definitely doesn’t differentiate between the two. Our twin flame is our mirror. In them, we see the positive as well the negative side of us.

And they love us for all that. Because they love us, for us. And of course it doesn’t mean that we don’t seek to improve. We can always be better than who we were yesterday.

But to be able to forgive ourselves, and embrace ourselves with all our shortcomings, that is the boon and bane of a true love.

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