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The Signs Of An Underactive & Filthy Crown Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

The crown chakra or more commonly known in Sanskrit as the Shahastra is the seventh and final chakra of the body chakras or energy centers.

It depicts the highest point and spiritual ideas of the consciousness and oneness to the universe as well as being very important for forming spiritual connections.

When the crown chakra is underactive, we may feel a host of problems. So if you are tensed that you have an underactive crown chakra, then check the signs below.

1. Nerve problems.

This can lead to numbness and loss of dexterity and also cause weakness. If you have these symptoms then take clinical help.

2. Muscular atrophy.

This makes the muscles degenerate and weakens them which can be severe and can cause sickness. Medical help is a must.

3. Various neurological symptoms.

The crown chakra is intricately connected to the brainand problems in the brain often stem from the underactive crown chakra.

4. Dullness of senses.

Colours seem less vivid you might have a problem hearing things and food tastes dull.

These physical symptoms range from mild to severe. Severe health problems must be shown to a doctor, just in case. There are also some mental symptoms that indicate an underactive crown chakra.

1. Lack of purpose in life.

The crown chakra helps us to find purpose and direction in life. So if it is underactive then there is a problem in the desire to fulfill wishes.

2. Loss of interest in socializing.

Our sense of unity in the universe and with each other is rooted in the crown chakra; so inactivity affects the will to socialise.

3. Depression.

Chemical imbalances in the brain can cause depression and an imbalace in the crown chakra only increases its effect.

4. Difficulty in learning new skills.

The crown chakra helps us to be interested in new things and gain knowledge. When it is found that there is a problem in that chakra, we would not be interested in learning new things.

5. Pessimism.

Some people are pessimists but if someone is being a pessimist out of their character then it is due to decreased activity of the crown chakra.

If these symptoms match yours then you might have an underactive crown chakra. These are the healing methods. The best way to heal your crown chakra is through the chakra healing meditation. Go to a peaceful tranquil place and enter the state of meditation.

Once you have achieved the state move your focus from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Maintain this focus and remain indifferent to this experience as it is the observation phase.

After 5 to 10 minutes you should begin the visualization phase and visualise spiritual connections that link you to this universe and the astral plane. Consider the unity and consciousness with the universe.

Then slowly pull out from the meditative state allow yourself to relax and contemplate. You should concentrate on your direction in life and the purpose that you have chosen for yourself.

Do this 3 to 4 times a week and your crown chakra will be healed.

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