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What Are Karmic Relationships And Can They Be Forever

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by Conscious Reminder

For every lifetime on earth, we are incarnated along with a few members of our soul group. These souls help us to learn important lessons, in different phases of our life. In a way they help us prepare for our eventual union with our life partner.

These relationships are called Karmic relationships and are often quite temporary. However, it is also very common for people to wish that these relationships could be more permanent in nature.

Before knowing whether or not it is possible, let us understand these relationships a little bit better first.

The Patterns of Karmic Relationships

Because you form a Karmic relationship with people from your soul-group, the attraction and passion is unlike anything else you might have experienced. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the intensity of such a connection and people become completely involved in these relationships.

In the initial stages, there is passion and attraction, both emotional and physical. However with time, both the people involved in such a relationship find themselves at loggerheads with each other. There are just too many fights and not enough peace in the relationship.

These fights are a way for your karmic relationship to teach you the lesson you need to learn about yourself as well as your partner. With every fight, your mind and soul will evolve just a little bit more and eventually you will be ready to unite with your life partner.

Abuse in Karmic Relationships

However, sometimes it happens that these fights and conflicts in a Karmic relationship get out of hand. Although their main function is to challenge you and help you grow, they can turn abusive sometimes. Wherever there is so much passion, such a turn of events is plausible.

If you think your karmic relationship has turned abusive, terminate it immediately. There is no point going forward with it anymore because it has gone beyond the point where it could have taught you anything. However, one need not worry. Not every Karmic relationship is doomed to end this way. There are amicable endings too.

Healing and Growth

As mentioned before, the main aim of a Karmic relationship is your spiritual growth. It also involves healing the old wounds of your soul. But how do you know if you are in a Karmic relationship? Here are the signs:

  • You are either completely ecstatic with your partner or feel absolutely down in the dumps. There is really no in between. If your everyday experiences are either the highest of highs or the lowest of lows, you are in one.
  • Your base emotions- such as paranoia, jealousy and obsession take over quite frequently.
  • You always follow the same pattern, whether you are together or on a break.
  • When you are together, you only have time for each other. The relationship is intensely personal.

The realization that you are in a karmic relationship usually means you have learnt what you needed to and are now ready to move on. Thus commences healing. In this period immediately following a Karmic relationship, you should concentrate only on yourself and focus on the lessons you have learnt. Meditation is found to be very helpful.

Can Karmic Relationships be long term?

It is theoretically possible if the two partners can forgive each other for their old flaws. However in most cases it is observed that they prefer to move on with the lessons they have learnt.

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