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Big Step Forward! The EU Voted To Completely Ban Single Use Plastics

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by Conscious Reminder

In today’s modern times, the world is a tricky and uncertain place. In fact, there are a lot of things which go right, as well as wrong simultaneously, so, it is sometimes quite hard to keep track of everything.

Nowadays, the amount of plastics which we actually use in the world is one of those most important concerns. Plastic is mainly not a biodegradable and synthetic material which was the cause and remains is the cause of a number of problems when it comes to the protection of our environment.

The principal sufferer when it comes to this case is the ocean, and every one of us has seen all those types of horrors plastics cause underwater, putting in danger a lot of lives of a number of plants, organisms, etc.

The oceanic life gets threatened on a daily basis, and all that because of malfunctioning systems for managing waste, and it is some kind of war which was around for a long time. Another thing is the lack of sensibility and awareness in every single individual generally – not every person thinks twice about chucking some plastic into water bodies which are near his or her living place.

However, people are not the only ones to be blamed for this. In most of the countries in the world, the administration needed quite a long time in order to solve the problem with the use of some separate bins meant for plastic only, and if we look better, there are still those countries which still do not have the appropriate systems.

So, we can say that the lack of sensibility and awareness in people, as well as the lack of concern of those systems which function as one, are the simple reason for the chaos which is caused every day.

The systems for managing waste are primarily focused on burning some waste things, and whenever they burn plastic, there are some harmful and damaging fumes which get released into our air and atmosphere.

This means that plastic is not causing problems on water bodies, but on our air too, and on the land as well, in the form of clogging drains, filling up some landfills, sewage and so on.

However, some good days and times are on the way. Changes are about to happen. Even when a little bit late, the good news is always excellent and commendable. In recent times, the EU has passed the motion with some 573 out of 621 in favor of it.

Additionally, the EU was always interested in making some contributions to the international system of waste management, so this is undoubtedly a good step forward. They banned straws, spoons, as well as stirrers.

The Vice President of the EU Commission, named Frans Timmermans, stated that he was concerned about the pollution in the ocean which was caused by plastics, which is the reason of their decision to do something quickly. 

Although this ban is actually a significant step ahead, the European Union still awaits the approval of those states which are concerned.

However, the European Union may have to try much harder as there are states which are still not certain about this ban – banning the use of plastics is not something simple, such as walking in the nearest park. However, there are the ones that are hopeful about this.

In order to approve the ban, when it comes to those states which are still not sure, the claiming that there exist some alternatives for every single thing which is about to be banned, and that alternatives are not harmful to the environment, will be an excellent contributor.

The European Union also has the purpose of releasing this ban in 2021, so everything that we can do is hoping that it will be well accepted, as it is the best alternative.

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