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A Simple 10-Minute Technique To Make You Smarter

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by Conscious Reminder

The popularity of meditation has grown by leaps and bounds and you most likely would have heard about all the ways in which it can improve your health if practiced every day.

From decreasing anxiety to helping you lose weight and live longer, meditation is believed to do it all. However, not everyone finds it easy to make time for meditation every day.

Life can get very busy and finding even a few minutes might feel impossible. Even when you do finally get around to it, it doesn’t seem like you’re accomplishing much. 

But don’t break your head over it. As luck would have it, you can use meditation to make your mind work better even if you don’t do it every day. Frontiers in Neuroscience recently released a study which showed that a single 10 minute sitting can increase the efficiency of your cognitive functions. 

Volunteers were made to sit through 10 minutes of guided meditation or to listen to another tape prior to writing an exam. Those who did the former showed much better results than the ones who did the latter. The subjects had never done meditation before but they were still able to get something out of it. 

Next time you’ve got something important looming ahead, just set aside 10 minutes to meditate quickly before it. You’ll realize that your brain is working much faster than usual. 

And There’s More

Besides improving your mental abilities, meditation can even improve your physical fitness. The Journal of Health Psychology recently came out with a study which proved that meditating can help sportspeople recuperate faster, keep them energizes and push them to work out every day. 

Moreover, meditation can even help you improve your romance skills. The Journal of Human Sciences and Extension published a meta-analysis which concluded that meditation made you feel more satisfied and aligned with your partner, even going so far as to prevent fights.

As meditation has a positive effect on the part of the brain which detects dangers and controls feelings, it keeps you calm even in the middle of a squabble. Research has also shown that meditation can shut down the area of the brain which is responsible for negativity in your feelings and thoughts. 

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