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Total Stillness Of The Mind: The 7 Steps To Reach Samadhi

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by Purusha,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

We’re living in an ever-changing world that is getting stranger and stranger. It’s important to ground ourselves internally to cope with all the fluctuations in external circumstances.

The only permanent safeguard against agitation, anxiety, and disturbance is to reach and be grounded in a place beyond the mind. In order to do that, we must reach what the ancient yogis referred to as “Samadhi”, a state of meditative absorption in which the chatter of the mind ceases.

Shunyamurti, the founder and director of the Sat Yoga Ashram in Costa Rica, describes 7 Steps to reach samadhi.


If you want to meditate, you have to calm your body and make it more peaceful (pacify it). If there’s a lot of repressed anxiety, it will manifest through the body in the form of itchiness, pain, and/or discomfort that will cause you to get up from your meditation. Pacifying the body, making the body calmer, will prevent physical distractions.

2. Pranafication:

The body is not really physical and is determined by one’s “prana”, or bio-electromagnetic energy, that flows through one’s body. By becoming aware of the flow of prana in the body, our consciousness begins to become subtler and we become aware of deeper levels of consciousness.

3. Pyramidization:

At this stage, the prana begins to flow upwards, like the form of a pyramid, as the “kundalini shakti”—an even subtler, more powerful form of energy—will begin to rise and light the flame of the third eye.

4. Pinealization:

The pineal gland becomes activated, which triggers a number of electromagnetic and biochemical effects that cascade through the endocrine system and activates the higher command center of the brain, and one becomes aware of the inner light.

5. Pontification:

Acting as a bridge maker, a pontifex, you can download information from the higher dimensions of consciousness and bring that information into the world in order to share with others vis-à-vis symbolic forms (language, images, mathematics, music). You are serving as a bridge to the Source and have reached one-pointedness in your mind that can cross into the noumenal dimension of being.

6. Permeation:

The body-mind is permeated with the supernal energies of the Transcendent rather than the energies of the physical universe.

7. Pleromatization:

After consciousness has been fully permeated by the energies of the Transcendent, the “pleroma”, the fullness of the Source as ever-present, omnicentric, interconnected with everything and everyone is realized. There are no others and you realize the oneness.

Through the attainment of samadhi—and the powerful implications described by Shunyamurti—one can actually create profound change in the world, no longer being attached to the results and thus ensnared in the circumstances that arise therefrom.


About the Author: Purusha is a founding member of the Spiritual Order of Sat Yoga. He is an advanced student of clinical atmanology working under the direction of Shunyamurti, and a leading member of the writing and teaching staff at the Sat Yoga Ashram in Costa Rica. Purusha participates in many creative arts as part of the global divine renaissance that is now underway.

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