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July Is An Energy-Packed Moth Bringing A Powerful Shift In Consciousness: Time To Leave The Comfort Zone

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by Conscious Reminder

This month is astrology a number of celestial forces will be active and running. The overview will be described in chronological order of the events.

The first and quite important event concerns the comet Chiron. Chiron, was the first healer in Greek myth, and on July 5th, the comet bearing his name will turn retrograde for good; staying in that position till December.

This is the astrological phase wherein you should take the responsibility of healing yourself. This includes internal and physical healing. The forces in the heavens will aid you well in this.

On the 10th of this month, Jupiter, the king of planets comes direct. This along with the fact that Saturn’s turning retrograde, will mean our self-confidence and enthusiasm in new things, will now increase manifold times.

At the same time, given the fact that Jupiter will be in the constellation of Scorpio, things might turn sour in certain relationships; but remember, it’s all for your own good. Whatever lessons we learn, and trust us, there will be plenty, we will be willing to share with others.

A New moon and a partial Solar Eclipse takes precedence in the constellation of Cancer on the 12th. Cancer is the constellation associated mostly with emotional turmoil. So, these events, which always point towards a new fresh start, from scratch, will mostly point out towards the emotional realm with respect to these things.

This would also mean it’s time to see to family matters and issues with your romantic others. This is also a good time to fight anxieties regarding intimacy. Ends are never really endings in life.

Keeping this very important thing in mind, one must always deal with separations in the realm of emotions, very optimistically. Things end, yes, but at the same time, better, more suitable things come about in the wake of these endings. So it is always wise to be hopeful about things.

This month might just feel slow moving and unevenly placed. This is thanks to the retrograde planets peppered throughout the month.

The next important phase would be that of Mercury, the speedy messenger. The planet would be in a shadowing phase before its proper retrograde, from 7th to the 26th, but after that, its retrograde phase would be complete and proper. Coming to the proper retrograde phase, Mercury will be retrograde in the constellation of Leo, which is all about the ego and pride; this position will hold till August the 19th.

The other contributing factor in the slowness quotient is the fact that Mars, the red planet and God of war, will also be in retrograde, this month. And this phase will last more than the month, from June 26th to August 27th. This will be a time when you will not feel that enthusiastic about things, but will feel intrigued or concerned about the things in the past.

This will be a good phase to consider revision, reworking and rehashing. Life more than often needs reboots, especially from things that are likely to cause obsession. These include, but are not limited to lost loves and old memories. Nothing lasts forever, and obsession is never the right thing to indulge in.

The last important thing that will happen this month is the full lunar eclipse on the 27th, in the constellation of Aquarius. This will again give you the necessary energies to savor your own sense of self and make sure you figure out the Gordian knots of your own mind.

Our own self is our greatest mystery to solve. It will be this month that you get ample opportunities to do so.

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