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Tonight’s Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Brings Powerful Energies Of Transformation

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by Conscious Reminder

30th November 2020 is bringing a lunar eclipse in the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Eclipses make for extra influential full moon periods. They have the power to illuminate those parts with transparency and cleansing. They also enlighten the unnecessary things that need to be discarded.

These spans also reveal the things we are clutching onto but need to let go of.

Full moon eclipses are very powerful as they encourage us to shed all feelings of fear, uncertainty, and vulnerability that accompany us in our best of times. However, this full moon spell brings a promise for a positive and hopeful season in the coming year.

If you remain open-minded, the existing life will become fruitful and prepared for new opportunities at the right moment.

Despite the tumult and depart of many things, try to maintain a sense of trust within yourself.

Eclipses are known to usher destined and fateful events which are aligned for a more clear vision and higher aim in life. Although several things will depart from your life during this lunation spell, believe in fate and divine purpose that is meant to create a bright future.

After the endings, feel and share your grief to cleanse your sadness and pain.

The eclipse will guide us to divine feminine energy which enlightens humankind with hidden secrets, creativeness, and the ability to feel things to the fullest.

Vesta, Ceres, Lilith, and Eris are the goddesses who bestow the feminine vibe.

These celestial energy figures are dynamic when the eclipse period prevails and provide significant insights to all.

The asteroid called Vesta is also the goddess of fire and hearth and she urges us to keep our fires burning bright and always sparkle. She prompts us to rekindle our creative side, inner strength, and passion with the help of t our inner fire.

The dwarf planetary body of Eris is the goddess of strife and discord. However, she chooses the path once she is aware of the dangers approaching on various occasions. Imbalance often leads to chaos which encourages us on the right path and pushes us harder to achieve our goals.

The cosmic boundary between the Earth and the Moon is occupied by Lilith. This zone is charged with feelings of liberation and freedom. Goddess Lilith permits suppressed feelings to express themselves in order to release and heal with time.

Ceres is the goddess of renewal and fertility. Her influence reminds us to nourish and nurture ourselves. She prompts us to connect with nature closely, indulges in self-love, and tend to our wounds in a gentle manner. These automatically bring infertility and growth.

The air sign, Gemini, influences the mind which creates the picture which paints our life.

When Gemini witnesses the lunar eclipse period, it brings calm and peace to mind to discarding the wrong pictures and retaining the positive ones.

The Gemini twins teach us balance and diplomacy. The human, as well as being, is what makes human beings. It is the perfect blend combination of the body and the soul that induces fertility, positivity, and growth to all mankind.

These full moon eclipses place the right things at the right places at the right time.

The magical vibes of the eclipse help us connect with our core strength and true self.

Every person is a child of the cosmos while the Moon misses the light owing to the shadow created by the position of the Earth which makes it appear like a kiss from the collective consciousness.

These planetary positions strengthen the possibilities for extraordinary things.

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