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The Sun Is Entering Sagittarius This November 22nd And Charges The Pilgrim Within You

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by Conscious Reminder

A month is left for Christmas and the Sun is entering into Sagittarius. It’s going to be holiday season and you’re already thinking of fire-side conversations, the gifts and the warm humor of friends and loved ones.

Sagittarius offers all these and yet it does more. The real gem of Sagittarius is its dedication to the truth. Controlled by the ruler of Olympus, Jupiter, Sagittarians are ‘pilgrim souls’, to quote Yeats. They are lifelong seekers of wisdom and as wise men, they will step out to seek truth whenever it’s time for them. The month of Sagittarius provides you with the guiding star to get out and start your voyage of wisdom and knowledge.

A Journey to be Undertaken

All mystics say life is but a journey. You pass from being a student to a manager and then you become a parent. It’s just a shifting of states, a change of perspective. You’re renewed each time around. The Sufi saints have represented life the best way, like a caravan of truth seekers who live without any heavy possessions and collect whatever they find on their way. Why trap ourselves in a tiny prison, as poet Rumi said. Go beyond your little world and find the Grandeur of God’s world. Let’s be happy wanderers, collectors of truth and knowledge. Let’s explore God’s world!

Shedding the Pretense

It’s time for us to go inwards and connect with our inner pilgrim. The Sun is in Sagittarius. Let your psyche take control of you. Once you look within, you’ll start feeling like you are shedding your outer everyday clothes. The outer person that you show to the world is slowly dissolving and becoming something new. All the pretense of society and work is gone, you are yourself now. Don the pilgrim’s ascetic dress – plain and hooded, free of burdens of wealth, free from physical validation. There’s no need to show your individual identity. You know who you are. Free from all care and worry, you are ready to face the world. You are ready to be boundlessly free. You need to go out on an exploration.

A Move into the Beyond

And then, you can hear the call you wanted. There’s a distant bell tinkling with the wind. You know it’s coming for you – you are sure. You turn and see the procession of Sufi dervishes, calling you to join them. They are echoes of monks from the past, wise people only seen in pictures. You join them and the caravan rattles up and starts moving. There are others in front and slowly and steadily, you join the band of wandering monks and nuns. You feel you’re among like-minded pilgrims, all searching for something. You are in for a spiritual adventure.

Boundless Horizon

Take your staff and move ahead. There’s no track, no road and before you lies an empty expanse, open wide for your eyes to see and your feet to tread on. There’s a sensation of freedom that captures you from within. You can go anywhere now, you can explore anything – there are a thousand possibilities waiting for you, stretching horizon after horizon. You are free now, and once you begin your journey you can meet different people, go across new towns and meadows, come across seekers and drink from the well of wisdom this God’s world has to offer.

Endless Possibilities

Once you undertake this visionary expedition, imagine you’re back to where you started. You take off your ascetic robe and keep it preserved as a talisman. You don your old workplace clothes and slip into your previous identity. But you don’t feel old anymore. There’s something new within. The image of the pilgrim fades but there’s a lasting impression left behind which you just couldn’t point out. Your mind is unfettered. Situations which restricted you, which made you worry are now coming back with a renewed perception. Nothing bothers you anymore – the wise soul of the pilgrim stirs within your heart. Nothing affects you anymore, you have the laughing spirit of pilgrims within.

Become the pilgrim. Let the trackless road show you there is no end of possibilities. You know life is a journey now, and nothing can stop it. That’s why you’re still smiling at whatever difficulties the world presents you with.

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