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How Each Of The Zodiac Signs Handles A Broken Heart

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by Conscious Reminder

Different people react in different ways to heartbreak.

Some find it easy to put themselves back together in a short time and move on while others wallow in their sadness for long periods, sometimes stretching to years.

How you react to heartbreak can also be determined by your zodiac sign.

A Taurus will hate it when their lives are disrupted and so they end up in a rather dark place they need to be shaken out of. Cancers feel like they’ve lost a piece of themselves along with that person.

Scorpios take everything to the extreme, including love and hate. They tend to get caught up in ideas of revenge. But they are also capable of being mature and understanding that there are different paths.

Aquarius and Leo are rather vain and they think the world will change itself to suit them. They focus on their hurt ego to the extent that they will be scared to fall in love in case they get hurt again.

Capricorn and Virgo pretend that they are not surprised and try to shift all their focus to their work to the extent of hurting their bodies. They need help relaxing and pets can be very useful in this regard.

Libras will feel hurt but they feel worse because they feel like they’ve lost their social standing. But they’re capable of turning up their charm even in the midst of sadness so they’ll find someone else soon.

Pisces do their best to avoid the pain by falling into daydreams of happiness. But they are also on the lookout for a new romance and they find it fairly quickly.

Aries and Gemini pretend that they couldn’t care less to cover up their heartbreak.

Aries can bounce back like a rubber ball and won’t remain on the sidelines for long. Gemini take care to always have back-ups.

A Sagittarius is likely to go on a new adventure hoping to find a passionate romance in a new location.

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