Cancer Full Moon On December 22nd: Heightened Intuition

22nd December, as we all know, is the Winter Solstice, the day the Earth’s Northern half is farthest away from the Sun, causing the North to be plunged into the coldest and shortest day of the year.

Anyway, this year, there is a full moon on that day too, which is always special. The full moon on Saturday, 22nd December 2018 is at 0° Cancer, making a helpful aspect to Uranus. This would be a pleasant change from the last two times, when the full moon squared with Mars. So the anger and hostility of the past few weeks will melt away to more pleasant changes in emotions and ideas. The red supergiant Betelgeuse, one of the largest and brightest of stars in the night sky, will join the full moon in the Orion constellation. The star is associated with honour and pride and regal attitude. So besides those things, there is a chance for love and romance in this Christmas season; Venus in a trine with Neptune would be a huge influence on this full moon.

The polarity effect of a full moon

Astronomically speaking, a full moon occurs when the sun’s shadow blots the moon out, but at the same time making it totally visible to the Earth. So, it is a force of contradictions, bringing out dilemmas, tensions and inner intrigues. The moon is one of the ruling principles of emotions and ideas and brings to the forefront things that your mind gives rise to and stores in the obscure realms of the subconscious and unconscious. This is the time you get those feelings out and interpret them properly.

Sextile Uranus

Uranus is one about opportunities and chance encounters. It is always something surprising. And the Venus trine will make it even more interesting as the emotions start getting into the realm of love and relationships, with surprising twists in your own relationships. At the same time, there are other possibilities too; of chance encounters. This includes coming across critical information that might prove absolutely crucial for you. Additionally, you might meet someone new and bond over something you two share, like music or reading and photography. This is the time of coming out of your shell or reserve and letting your feelings out. This is the time of sharing and caring for the ones around you. The lowering of the emotional walls around you will only make your relationships stronger, especially after the period of hostility in the past weeks.

The Orion effect

The stars of the Orion constellation will give rise to certain influences to the full moon and its effect. Menkalinan: Thanks to the effect of sextile Uranus, this fixed star is going to have very little impact because of the overwhelmingly large influence of Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse: The effect of the full moon conjunct with this huge star is manifold and to quote Vivian E. Robson: “Active mind, strong will, turbulent, rebellious under restraint, military success but suffering through quarrels with superiors, likelihood of great power, honour and wealth.”


As stated earlier, Venus trine with Neptune, falling exactly 24 hours before the full moon itself is going to have a huge influence on everything. This is because it is perfect for love and romance of the totally quixotic kind. However, this is not particularly the sex-passion dynamic and is more oriented towards tender loving and things like cuddling.

Revaluate your choices, let your ideas and creative juices flow and make the most of this full moon and its unique energies.

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