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Are You Calm & Composed? If Yes, You Have A Superpower!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You are in the Charles Xavier Institute for special children, and the man in the wheel chair asks you about your superpower. You reply, being calm under stress, and the entire class applauds.

You would think this is some prank, but the truth is, right beside flight, strength, and telepathy, being calm is a superpower. It affects the mind, and the body. It increases your awareness, and your reaction time. It makes you conscious, of every single breath you take, and you feel one with the entire world.

It’s very easy being angry. Clenching your fists, punching walls, breaking mirrors, screaming at people, and watching them get hurt. But what is not easy, is realizing that you said or did things you never meant to while you were angry, and that spoiled opportunities for you.

It’s hard living with that. Being angry isn’t a matter of great strength, or fortitude. In fact, people who are calm, are the ones that have immense fortitude. They know when to do what, and don’t give in to their animalistic rage.

They know what separates us from mere irrational beings, and that is having common sense, to know when to get angry, and when to think about a situation without resorting to violence, of any form.

But what makes it a superpower? Let’s see.

Society Isn’t Afraid Of You

You aren’t Magneto. You aren’t Thanos. You put the world at ease, because you are a calm individual, who loves peace. You want nothing more than the peaceful co existence of people all over the planet.

You aren’t prone to sudden bursts of anger, that makes society afraid of you. You draw them in. They like you, they respect you, and you deserve that respect.

Extremely Aware

You are very aware when you need to act, and when you need to take a step back. You analyse situations very well, because you are always calm, and composed.

You don’t react to situations in a way that puts everything at jeopardy, but rather, you would weigh them both, and see how much of a reaction was necessary for it.

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