Sensitives Aren’t Ready For Leadership? I Respectfully Disagree…

by Bevin Niemann,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Recently, I stepped into the role as host of The Shift Network’s Evolutionary Empath Global Summit. For someone seven years ago who used to be an isolated hermit, this called me forward in ways I could have never imagined.

I was nervous, energized and learned so much. Best of all, over 33,000 sensitive people tuned-in from across the globe to hear the message that being sensitive, intuitive and empathic is our normal.

Afterwards, I spoke with numerous people about my passion for helping sensitive, empathic and intuitive people step into their leadership potential. I described why I believe we’re the conscientious offset to the ‘top-down’ leadership style that’s been in place for thousands of years. That sensitive people have the power to redefine leadership, on our own terms.

I was surprised at the response I received.

More than once, I was told sensitive and empathic people are still healing and don’t seem ready for leadership. There’s not enough interest in this topic, maybe I should focus on those who are just waking up to their gifts…

I sat with that message for a bit to see where it landed.

And found that I respectfully disagree.

Please understand, I’m not in any way minimizing the support system that’s needed when you first awaken to who you really are. As a matter of fact, it’s why I still teach the basics of our trait. I believe strongly in the power of a supportive community as you navigate the newness.

However, the journey of healing is continuous. I’ve been in leadership roles for over twenty years (long before I identified as an HSP and empath) and even as recently as two weeks ago, took a deep dive into my inner world to heal some long-standing wounds.

Being new to your sensitivity does not exclude you from being in service. 

Nor does being a leader suddenly mean you have everything magically figured out.

On the contrary, the inner and outer work goes together. My ongoing journey to release old relationship patterns, heal my physical body and balance work with play, enables me to serve more meaningfully.

Leadership is a word that brings up different connotations. For some, they embrace leadership and feel naturally called. For others, they reluctantly take on a role of greater responsibility and a few avoid leadership like the plague. 

We assume to be a leader means you must be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or out in the spotlight, and honestly that doesn’t appeal to many sensitives. 

What we do know, meaningful change is most often the result of unsung heroes and heroines stepping forward in all parts of society. Not just in the workplace, but also the entrepreneurs who are pursuing their passions, leadership within our family systems and the amazing contributions of millions of volunteers. 

Service is service, regardless of pay, position or title.

Since our public spaces have moved into polarized energy, in terms of politics, religion, economics, gender, human rights and the condition of our planet — more sensitive and empathic people are empowered to step forward. To speak up, to lend our unique gifts and talents to help create a world that works for all of us.

As we enter the next era in human history, The Age of Consciousness, sensitives are by our very nature, well positioned to lead. Our world needs deep thinkers, who pause to consider the long-term consequences of our decisions. We need leaders in every sector of society who express empathy and focus on connection, collaboration, equity and unity.

If you’re still working through some deep challenges in your life, please take the time to do so. There’s no pressure to do anything beyond what you can handle right now. But let’s not continue to pigeonhole sensitives as weak or struggling. Stop stereotyping us as too wounded to take our place at the leadership table. 

It’s just not true. Evidence the multitude of social media communities with tens of thousands of lightworkers, healers and budding coaches. It’s why you see a spiritual teacher like Marianne Williamson running for President of the United States. Or why there’s an upsurge of futurism festivals and conscious leadership summits. 

Sensitive people around the world are ready to lay the foundation for our future.

I strengthen my resolve to be one of the voices advocating for sensitive, empathic and intuitive leadership. Yes, the old leadership paradigm is clinging on. A last gasp effort at control and power. 

Too little, too late. We’re already mobilized.I’m here to sing from the rooftops, the time for sensitive leadership has finally come!

About the Author: Bevin Niemann is a leadership mentor for empaths, highly sensitive people and intuitives. She’s been passionate about conscious leadership for over twenty years, since she accepted her very first role as a supervisor. She’s been a mentor, coach and trainer for college interns, early to mid-career employees, entrepreneurs and senior managers. She served as the Vice President of a 50-year old nonprofit organization and handled a million-dollar real estate portfolio for the largest landscape company in the United States.

As the Chief Intuitive Officer for her company, Perceptive Souls, she helps empaths and highly sensitive people who feel called to make our world a better place, to thrive while serving.

Instagram: @perceptivesouls

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