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Tonight’s Thunder Capricorn Full Moon Will Intensify All Emotions

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by Conscious Reminder

On the night of 4th July, a Capricorn Full Moon is set to grace our skies. Our already hyper emotions are only going to be further magnified under this Moon.

Everyone is struggling to survive each day under the ongoing pandemic, and this Moon is here only to add to our worries. Prepare for a tumultuous month as the effects of the Capricorn Moon will linger on.

If you have Independence Day plans, stay home and celebrate. Staying fit and healthy is of utmost importance right now.

July and August are months when many portals turn active, leaving us vulnerable to the energies of the demonic world. Each of us will be affected by these terrible entities this year as well, and social unrest can be an outcome of this. Emotions will be scattered and heightened – anything out of the ordinary and we can snap. When on such shaky grounds, it is always better to keep ourselves protected by the Divine Light. If you feel a build-up of negative emotions, reach out to the Divine.

When it comes to the planets, currently we have Mercury in Retrograde. This is putting stress on our emotions, but we have to keep our cool. Overreacting will not help anyone. If the world seems too overwhelming, turn inside. Disconnect from others and find your inner peace.

Seek the pure light within you. That will lead you to true freedom. If you don’t like something, you have the power within you to change them. Examine your thoughts and your actions, channel your energy towards the light, and you will find peace.

Capricorn Full Moon And A Penumbral Eclipse

The energies of the Full Moon will be further aided by the Penumbral Eclipse. The Moon will be crossing the outer edge of Earth’s shadow, and if you can see the Moon during this time, it will appear a bit darker than usual. But unlike a full Eclipse, the changes are difficult to perceive. And tonight, only a small section of the Moon will come under the shadow, hence all the more difficult to witness. While the Moon itself may not be easy to witness, the massive changes it will bring in our lives will be quite apparent.

The Many Names Of The July Moon

Natives used to call the July Full Moon as the Thunder Moon because July is the time for downpours and thunders. This is the time when Mother Nature unleashes her wrath on those who wrong her. But at the same time, these downpours provide relief after the dry summer months and prepare the ground for sowing.

The July Moon is also called the Buck Moon since this is the time when young buck deer grow their antlers.

The Thunders of the Moon will continue for the rest of the month. Make sure you keep yourself and those around you physically and spiritually protected. If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, take the help of meditation. The Full Moon will illuminate new parts of your life, and they will be emotional revelations. Make sure to let your emotions flow peacefully when the time comes.

Take the time under the Capricorn Full Moon to visualize your desires. Manifesting powers receive a boost under Full Moons, so make the most of it. Don’t forget to cleanse and recharge your crystals under the Moon!

Keep yourself protected with the help of crystals, stones, meditation, and prayers. Keep your loved ones in your prayers and stay safe!

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