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What Ring To Wear To Get What You Want

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by Conscious Reminder

Welcome fellow seekers to a new lesson on magic and mysticism! It is time we speak about the charm of rings.

Have you ever considered the shape of a ring? The circle that defines its shape is indicative of continuity of time; it signifies completeness of the life cycle of a human being.

According to wizardry, rings signify the snake Uroboros that eats its own tale. Since time immemorial, alchemists and wizards have insisted on the power of rings. And not just that, according to these mystics, each category of ring has a unique finger assigned to it.

A ring for every finger and for every dream of yours:

Before we proceed into any further details, I must insist that each finger is related to a particular Goddesses/ Gods and Planets and hence holds a special meaning.

The Magical Association of Fingers with Celestial Bodies and Goddesses/Gods:

  1. The thumb signifies the influence of Venus-Aphrodite.
  2. The index finger signifies the influence of Jupiter-Zeus
  3. The center finger suggests the supremacy of Saturn
  4. The next finger, i.e., the ring finger holds the influence of Sun-Apollo
  5. The little finger represents the influence of Mercury-Hermes
  6. Moon and Mars are two celestial bodies that don’t have a finger assigned to it. In case you wish to possess a ring that signifies the influence of both then you will have to design a special ring for the appropriate finger.

Let us now study about Gods, Goddesses, and planets to understand what they signify and the perfect gem for it

  1. Zeus/Jupiter: Education, wealth, fortune, and opportunities are the main benefits of wearing a ring in the first/index finger. It represents development and progress.

Gems: Sapphire, Amethyst, Topaz and basically all blue stones.

  1. Saturn: Insight and eternity is correlated with this planet. It is specifically worn in the center finger to signify perpetuity.

Gems: Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, and all black stones.

  1. Apollo/Sun: They key to a successful life is good health and happiness. This special ring finger is linked with the idea of eternal bliss and prosperity. Hence this is finger is reserved for the purpose of marriage which too represents harmony between two people.

Gems: Opal, Garnet, Ruby and all types of yellow stones.

  1. Hermes/Mercury: This ring is for people who practice business transactions and travel for work. It also helps in developing communication networks. The little finger is reserved for this.

Gems: Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Amber.

  1. Aphrodite/Venus: The goddess is the sign of love and beauty. The thumb makes it adds to affection and gratification.

Gems: Malachite, Emerald, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz and Carnelian.

The magical polarities of hands:

You know our two hands are not entirely identical. They have different powers in each of them.

Right Hand: It is the masculine one or yang. The Universe receives a message from this hand. If you use this hand, then your Left Hand receives the energy. It is the feminine one.

In case you use your left hand primarily, then the powers are reversed. The right hand receives and the left hand projects.

If you use both your hands with the same dexterity then both become projective and receptive.

Plan your perfect ring:

Suppose you want to have a fulfilling sex life. Use thumb ring for gratification. Now since thumb has the power of Venus/Aphrodite, wear a ring of a stone or a metal that represents the same.

A copper alloy ring with an emerald stone will be just perfect for it.

Remember: Silver rings substitute any metal, especially copper which is uncommon, except Gold. Silver is witches’ favorite and has a charm which can be tuned in your favor.

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