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5 Truths About Karma That Will Tell You How It Works

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by Conscious Reminder

The word karma is a Sanskrit one which is seen in spiritual beliefs as ‘getting what you give’ and is the universal law which is also demonstrated by the famous Newton with his Law of Action and Reaction.

The karmic law is working as a group or series of different events or also chain reactions through a lot of years of your living in other different realms.

Every breath you take, every thought that comes on your mind, or every feeling you experience, will cause an inevitable change in your physical, as well as astral plane, and that change is then going to turn in reality or actual events.

Shortly said, the reality comes as a result of every action you take and every thought you have on your mind, every prayer or curse in your present or past life. But, these things are actually not the single ones which karma is going to bring you.

The Karmic Universal Law is not here to take actions against you, but for you and your evolution.

These are the five truths related to karma and its way of working:

Karma will help you avoid suffering in the future.

The law of karma will not judge you or punish you. It is actually not the entity in which you have your actions weighed down, so you get punished or rewarded depending on those actions.

In fact, karma comes from your own spirit, from which you are just a part.

Its purpose is to give you freedom from this plane.

All the sufferings you encounter, or rewards you get, as well as challenges you face, will come on your way in order to serve you all those lessons which are important for you to learn.

In that way, the Karmic Universal Law is working to help you in your evolution until you free yourself from the realm in which you are now.

Recognizing the smallest effort.

When you are in great trouble, and you cannot see anything else but only hardships, you have to remember that just a small effort will be counted for the changes in your chain reaction. 

This means that you are going to get what you really want, particularly at times of changing your mind’s workings in your own favor.

Science also proved karma.

When you do something good to someone, your feel-good hormones in your brain will be activated. This is going to create positive reactions which may heal you, as well as change your life in a better and meaningful way.

Having the ability to release negativity when understanding karma.

Understanding the way in which your actions and thoughts work will make you realize that you have the ability to change each outcome if you change your actions and thoughts too. With doing that, you will be able to release any pain, anger, hatred, or even misery that made your life a real hell.

Such an understanding will also shift your mind to identify yourself as a victor and not as a victim. After that, you are going to take you own responsibility for every thought and action in your life, and even for life itself.

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