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2019 Is Full Of Surprises: Expect A Major Energetic Shift As It Gains Momentum

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Until now, as every one of us is well into this year, several significant cosmic events happened. The months and the days on this year go by really fast, in that way making the energies to build.

In fact, there are energetic shifts in progress. Our Universe prepares to make some changes, so while the world of celestial bodies works its own magic, we might feel quite tense.

At that time, we should push ourselves to spread our wings and permit our roots to take off, but in a way, they would not usually do.

At the moment, a lot of us probably feel like we are more conscious of our own emotions. We are going to learn to differentiate from our stream of awareness and also the collective we are connected to.

Also, the following several weeks will pass extremely fast, so we might even get knocked off of our feet, so we have to prepare.

We will move in the learning period for which we are probably not prepared. We have to try hard to move towards a mindset which is more open and also see where these things are going to take us.

A lot of people notice energies in front of them, while some have started doing everything they can in order to ensure they properly work with them.

Other things which are waiting for us are beginning of new and significant changes and big decisions as well. Since it started in 2017, the astrological energy began shaking us up while it is building towards planetary alignments in 2020.

Some shifts which occur on every 84 or 50 years, also teased us during last year, and now, they are prepared to also gain traction in order to revolutionize our life.

The planet Jupiter will encourage us to open our system of beliefs to something bigger, to take risks on ourselves, to manifest our dreams and goals. The planet Uranus will be like the lightning rod that sparks us to innovative ways of living our lives.

This points out that although there were minor shifts in the previous years, this one that comes will be a big one. Throughout the first several months of this year, we can do great healing, which will help us set our best mood also for the coming months.

A lot of people are going to wake up during this period, without slowing down. For those that were only sitting and waiting for their life to pass them by, now it will be the time to ride out those waves in front of them.

Their expectations will not be compromised right now, and they can and even will get right where they have to be when applying themselves properly.

As the energies that will shift in front of us will be quite intense, we may feel confused, but if we surrender to those energies willingly, every single thing is going to start making sense.

We will lose our ego and also find ourselves in this year, regardless of the fact if we want that or not. 2019 will bring us through everything, and this shift which we face now will be the start of that. We should begin questioning more and even challenge our state of awareness.

The primary retrograde of the planet Mercury is right in front of us, and the planet Uranus is going to enter in the sign of Taurus after 84 years. Our emotions are going to be all around us, so one important thing we have to do is give ourselves the needed for breathing.

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