‘Sixth Sense’, Truth Or Fiction? Latest Research Suggests Humans Can Detect Earth’s Magnetic Field

by Conscious Reminder

According to a recent research conducted in the US, human beings are capable of detecting the magnetic field of Earth.

They have a ‘sixth sense’ that enables them to be sensitive to the change in magnetic energy around them.

A US scientist, Joe Kirschvink, first made this claim. Kirschvink, from California Institute of Technology, asserted that this experiment could be verified through repeated attempts, which is not possible for earlier researches conducted for magnetoreception.

A trial experiment was executed on a group of 24 people. Though it has not receive

d peer-review, the basis of this experiment was an earlier study conducted in the year 2016 on mammals. This study had already established the fact that foxes, dogs, and other kinds of primates have eyes with ‘magnetic sensors’.

Max Planck Institute conducted the above-mentioned research and Nature Scientific Reports published it in their journal soon after.

Their report stated that mammals like foxes, wolves, orangutans, badgers, and masques have cryptochrome, a molecule with high sensitivity in magnetic field detection.

There has been much speculation on the possible ways in which this works, since the very inception of this experiment.

Few of the scientists claim that cryptochrome controls the senses; while others have a different theory related to magnetite sensitive cells. Kirschvink believes that the latter is the cause for ‘sixth sense’ in people.

Krischvink conducted this experiment by asking the sample participants to sit inside an electrically charged cage in absolute darkness.

The cage was specifically designed with the help of wire coils in a manner that blocked all electromagnetic noises in the background.

The participants’ responses were read on an EEG machine to understand their brain activity as magnetic fields are shifted.

It was observed that alpha waves dropped in a significant way when magnetic waves were rotating in an anticlockwise direction.

The immediate conclusion drawn was that participants’ brains were responding to the change in the magnetic energy field.

In a few months Kirschvink is going to publish a paper through peer-review after some more research on this topic.

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