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Science Says Your Body Will Let You Know When You Are Dating ‘The One’

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The cliché of getting butterflies in your stomach when you find Mr. Right may not be far from fact.  In fact, your heart isn’t the only one who can spot prince charming; your body can, too!  

If you want to know if the guy you are dating is really whom you love, it is advisable that you listen to the signs of your body other than your heart and brain.

Here are the things to look out for when you’ve found the one.

1. You feel a sense of warmth and belonging when he’s around. There is openness between you two.

2. If he helps you in being more positive towards life and keeps you optimistic then he’s the one. If you constantly feel down in the relationship then it is better you look for another one.

4. He fills you with motivation; he makes you believe that you can conquer the world. You’d want to be more productive and achieve as much as you can

5. You don’t have to be anything other than who you are with him. There is no need for barriers or pretensions around him

6. You are very attracted to his particular scent. You can get a whiff of it and you know he’s in the room without even turning.

7. If he motivates you to take healthier options and pay attention to your well being he is definitely the one. Being with him will make you aware of the negligence you have been showing to your body and you’d want to correct it.

8. Your gut feeling would be screaming telling you this is the guy. Though it has no scientific explanation but your instinct is actually correct many times.

9. You feel for him and you feel his emotions too. Seeing him in pain would also cause you pain. So much that it transcends plain emotional empathy and you experience real physical discomfort when he’s hurt.

10. If you feel like cuddling with him is the best feeling in the world, then that’s a huge positive sign

11. You are much more calm and composed around him

12. Even after he’s parted, you feel sensations in your body which tell he was with you. These echoes are also a very strong indicator that you’ve found the one.

13. You not just crave being with him, you need it to make the pain of separation go away.

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