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10 Signs That You’re Fully Awake

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There are numerous manifestations in your daily life that could indicate that you are becoming to a high perspective of spirituality or consciousness. Here are some of the 10 things you may experience:

1. You have an increased tendency in letting things happen rather than making them happen

This doesn’t mean that you have become submissive, rather that you have started to understand that life is unfurling before you and that you can deal with the stress and confusion that it brings.

2. You have frequent feelings of being connected to others and nature

There will be moments where you will feel connected to nature, to butterflies, sunrise,  sunset, and everything that Mother Nature brings.  You will experience more moments of empathy with other people, and these moments of connectedness are basically tokens of our present nature of being.

3. You have a loss of interest in conflict

This is where you see that war or conflict of any kind is completely unnecessary.  You have reached a level of deep connection with nature and your fellow man, so an open conflict is of no interest to you.

4. You gain a loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others

Part of awakening is coming to terms with the fact that there may be grand schemes against humanity which are beyond our control.  Gaining a loss of interest in things like interpreting the actions of others is part of this awakening to higher truths.

5. You experience loss of interest in judging others

No one can impose moral standards on another person,  at least not making it personal. While everyone sins differently, everybody makes mistakes. When you awake to a higher level, you become aware of this and you lose interest in judging others.

6. You lose the ability to worry

It is generally believed that mainstream media is afraid of the general populous awakening, and for a very good reason. Namely, when one ascends to higher levels of their true self, they no longer spend most of their time in front of the T, reading a newspaper and worrying about literally everything, but spend their time radiating love and positivity.

7. You gain the ability to love without expecting anything in return

This ability is probably one of the most difficult to learn or gain. When you are loving someone without expecting anything in return, you will be able to better understand everyone in your surroundings.  We live in a world of confusion and fear, but loving without expecting anything in return helps spread love, light, and positivity.

8. You gain perspective of the “Bigger Picture.”

The perspective of the “bigger picture” means gaining knowledge about the ruling elite and their mission to control the world.  Or, it can mean that we are all connected by the past,  we are living together in the present, and we make decisions and actions as a collective society to go forward.

9. You recognize there are Esoteric Knowledge/Energies manipulating our Physical World

We are all looking for answers we couldn’t possibly understand.  No matter how we explain the physical work, we are all aware of the esoteric knowledge and the ethereal experiences and interactions.

10. You come to understand you, and you alone possess the power to change the world

The knowledge gained from the awakened perspective allows you to understand that you need to gain new skills if you are to change the current state of the world.  You realize that your actions, words, and even your thoughts carry weight and make a difference in the environment you live in.

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