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New Moon Solar Eclipse On August 11th, 2018: Closing The Eclipse Season

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by Conscious Reminder

Tomorrow’s partial eclipse coincide with Leo and effectively closes the time of Eclipses for the year 2018.

This current cycle of Eclipses has stretched on for a greater time than usual and we’ve seen three in just the past 60 days. Eclipses usually occur in twos but this third Eclipse has only caused more cosmic weather.

With many planets in retrograde, it looks like the Universe has been doing its best to ensure that we have the drive and guidance we need to be healed of past hurts and to take stock of the path on which we are travelling.

In recent times, the Universe has pushed us as hard as possible to look past the surface, acknowledge all that we are afraid of and all that we are hoping for.

The last blood moon eclipse has also encouraged us to let go of the past and ready ourselves for the start of a fresh story.

Tomorrow’s Partial Solar Eclipse is the perfect ending to this season and it will give us all that we require to be able to enter this new path. We will get more clarity and understanding about all that we have learned and gained in this period.

In its aftermath, we will finally see an end to all that we have started in this season. We will also receive a little more energy and motivation so that we are better prepared to strike out anew.

This is going to be even more accurate as the month winds down. Mars and Mercury are coming out of retrograde in the last week.

The new Solar Eclipse is surrounded by an intense, vibrating energy which will help us gain immense amounts of clarity and understanding. It will illuminate the world around us and throw light even in the darkest parts of your life that were muddied and dull. You will understand things that have baffled you for years even though they were right in front of you.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, if the time to make important choices has come, or even if you are just hoping to make sense of things, there are good chances that this Eclipse will send you the answers to some of your questions.

There is also a wildness about the energy surrounding this Eclipse. Be prepared for some twists and turns in your life that you did not expect at all. You might be getting some knowledge that you weren’t expecting to receive you might realize that you have ignored a small but significant bit of information that you really should have been paying attention to all along.

This wildness will be intense as Mercury is in retrograde and will be at peak activity during the Eclipse.

It would be of immense help to all of us if we simply allow this increasingly vibrational energy to enter us and shine through us. All of us need to become aware of our still points so that we can let the light glow from the right places.

It will take some time before we are able to see things for what they are but with patience, the information we are searching for will come our way.

This Eclipse brings to an end a very intense cycle that has been calling to all of us to die and be reborn.

We must let go and keep digging into ourselves till we find all that is keeping us from moving forward and all the karma that we need to be rid of.

This period has been one that has encouraged us to reflect and the Universe has pushed up all the dirt and grime so that we may purify ourselves.

Tomorrow’s eclipse is an end in the cycle and it is an indication of rebirth. It closes one story so that another one may start.

The energy will take some time to reach its full potential. We need to remain still as we wait and believe that we will get the answers we’re looking for in the aftermath of tomorrow.

Our patience and efforts have been tested as much as possible and all this has not been for nought. There are many good things coming our way from the Universe.

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