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A Ritual For Tomorrow’s Leo Solar Eclipse – 10 Steps To Make Your Dreams Come True

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by Conscious Reminder

This eclipse which will take place on the 11th of August indicates the opening of new paths and the opportunity to make a fresh start.

We are always being advised to let go of the old and make way for new things in our lives. From when we are born till the day we die, each day brings us something that helps us learn and grow and better ourselves.

The previous eclipse was a Blood Moon which was a time of great purification. Now that the Leo Eclipse is upon us, we must prepare ourselves for the increased amount of energy swirling in the atmosphere and use that to focus on the things we really want in life.

Think about what you really want, be it a promotion or a partner or even just new ideas. Turn your gaze inwards and explore your own desires. Then reach out to the Universe and watch your dreams come true.

Here is a spiritual practice that will help you attract what you want.

The Ritual for the Leo Solar Eclipse

There are 10 steps to this ritual which you need to practice daily from the 10th to the 21st of August, 2018.

Here’s what you need:

  • Sacred herbs like sage.
  • A candle, preferably white
  • Writing instruments
  • Water
  • Colour pencils or paints


Start the ritual by smudging in order to purify yourself and the area around you. While doing so, this is the prayer you need to chant –

1. For purification of the self:

“I am finally shedding and releasing the last layer of this chapter. I am letting go of all that no longer serves me. I am open, I am bare, I am ready for a new chapter to begin. I am clean, I am refreshed, my energy is a blank slate for a new creation. I am ready to welcome in the new.”

 For purification of the surrounding area:

“The light energy within me, the light energy from the Universe cleanses and nourishes this space. My space is now protected and surrounded only in light and love. My space is now open and cleansed. My space is now ready to welcome in a new energy that is positive and full of love. And so it is.”

2. Ignite the candle and keep it close to the water. Keep your writing instruments close and seat yourself in a manner that is comfortable for you. Breathe deeply for a few moments to make yourself calm.

3. Put your palm on your chest and take deep breaths. Become aware of the sensation of your own self. Observe any feelings that might arise in your heart and descend into a state of peaceful calm. Don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with these emotions that are coming up.

4. Write down everything that you want to move on from. Do not overthink. Just go with the flow and make note of everything that comes to your mind naturally. It is okay if it is not completely coherent. Drawing and doodling are also okay if words do not come easily.

5. When the paper is full, stop and think about all that you have written. Breathe deeply and think about the feelings that have lingered on. Once that is done, go through your words once again before tearing up the paper into strips.

6. While you tear up the paper, chant this –

“I am letting go of everything that no longer serves me. May with every rip of the paper I feel more and more free.”

7. Pick up a piece of the paper and keep it in the candle’s flame. When you are no longer able to hold it, put it in the water. Keep doing this till all the pieces are done.

8. Now, on a new page, make note of all the things you wish to see coming into your life. Don’t hold back. Write, draw, paint, do everything as long as it brings out what you really desire from the depth of your heart.

9. When you are done, fold the page thrice and chant this –

“I am releasing all my wishes into the universe and I am ready to receive whatever the higher consciousness has in store for me. I am open to everything coming my way as I know it’s for my greatest good.” 

10. Douse the candle and keep the page in someplace that is important to you or close to where you sleep. When some time has passed, you can pick it up again to check if your dreams have become reality.

Enact this ritual this August and sit back, for this Leo Eclipse is about to fulfill all your desires. Your dream-come-true moment is right around the corner!

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