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Gaslighting: Reasons Why Women Choose To Stay In Abusive Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

It seems weird at first to think, ‘why women stay in abusive relationships’, but one who have been in such situations understands what exactly goes on.

But for some cases, we can say that the reason for staying in abusive relationship can be related to gaslighting, that is to say that women are not able to realize that they are being manipulated.

It is important to keep in mind that when we talk of abusive relationship, we are talking about much more than physical abuse (which may or may not be a part of abuse).

Due to its deceptive nature, gaslighting is not talked about much even when it is quite common. And add to it the difficulty of identifying ‘Gaslighting’. Sometimes, it becomes extremely difficult to tell if you are being gaslighted or not.

By reading this article you’ll be able to tell if this is happening to you or not.

1. Victim usually doesn’t know they are being gaslighted or not

Gaslighting involves psychological abuse which makes the person believe that whatever goes wrong in the relationship is their fault. It shatters their self-esteem and sense of reality.

2. Decrease in self-esteem

The person might be told again and again by the partner that they overreact to everything and thus have a medical condition related to emotional imbalance.

3. Another sign is manipulation by way of insecurities

The other person throws the incidents of past again and again to generate the sense of insecurity.

4. Reality becomes genuinely uncertain

After years of abuse, the victim fails to distinguish the reality and the stamped version of the world. Thus they end up hating themselves.

5. Victim loves the abuser despite the abuses

This is a sign that the abuse has been normalized by the abuser and thus will continue indefinitely.

6. Cyclic pattern which keeps the victim trapped

The abuser tells the victim that they are going to change and there will not be another chance to complain. This promise comes only on the threat of separation and the abuser comes back to the same old habits again very soon.

It is usually futile to argue with the victim about their status as they are unable to see it. The information provided above can thus provide a chance for the victim to understand the situation better.

What do you think about Gaslighting? Share your views and opinions with us.

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