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This Powerful Libra Full Moon Ritual Will Help You Cut The Ties That Don’t Do You Any Good

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

On 19th April, the Full moon will occur at 29 degrees in Libra. It will be concluding the energy portal that had once been opened in March.

The full moon is all about relationships – cutting off those which are getting toxic and strengthening the ones which require more love to grow. Hence, we need the energy of the Full Moon on our side.

The Full Moon ritual is something that will help you by infusing the lunar energy within you. The ritual can be best performed from 19th April to 29th April.


  • Your favorite cleansing tool like palo santo, sage, essential oils, etc.
  • Three candles
  • Pen and paper

What to Do

1. Keep your ingredients before you. Then, cleanse your own aura by reciting:

“I will release all the toxic energy inside me. I will use light to protect me. Now, I am in the light and I feel secure. Now, I’m cleansed.”

Now, use your tools to cleanse the surrounding and your ingredients. Recite:

“I will cleanse the area around and fill it with light and love. Peace is all around me. The lunar light will cleanse this space and make good dwell in it. I am secure and safe here.”

2. Now, take the paper and note down something or someone whom you want to release. It can even be an idea, thought or feeling.

3. Now, take the candles and arrange it in such a way that it creates a triangle. Sit before the candle and put the piece of paper at the center. Now start meditating to clear up your mind.

4. As you are meditating, concentrate on the person or the thought that you want to release. Think of the bad times and the good times spent with it and also, what lessons you derived from it. You can use these prompts:

“I release (the thing) but before, I will think of the good moments and give my thanks.”

“I release (the thing) because I need to move forward and look at other things.”

“(The thing) has been a good teacher and I have learned my lesson. Now I will move on.”

“Thank you (the thing) for pointing out the right path. Now, I will leave you behind and move forward in the part you have shown.”

5. Hold the paper piece against your belly button and then close the eyes. Slowly visualize the cord in your belly button coming in contact with it. Now, imagine that you are cutting off the cord. Repeat Thank Yourself as you do it.

6. As your eyes are now closed, you can imagine this idea or person standing before you. Now wave your final goodbye. Tell them your final words and let it go.

7. Once the final words and the final wave is done, turn around and walk. You will feel the belly cord cut off as you start walking away from this idea or person.

8.  Take the paper in your hand and start ripping it. You can rip it off at one go or you can rip it in small pieces. You can say:

“The cords which help us together have been severed now. Now, all I ask is peace. Let the cord stay removed as I try to find my highest interest in this world. Let freedom be my path for now. Thank you.”

9. Finally, take the paper pieces that you ripped apart and go out. Bury it in the moonlight. If you can’t do that, then burn them or throw them into the recycler.

10. Before you close the ritual, again go for thorough cleansing of your surrounding and your aura. Then chant:

“I am finally free. There are no cords that hold me back. I’m feeling light and there is joy surging inside me. I’m One and Whole.”

Then, snuff out the candles

Let the lunar energy sweep you off your feet.

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