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5 Great Ways To Deal With Your Anxiety And Stress

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by Conscious Reminder

We are currently suffering from a global mental health crisis and we can hear its screams everywhere.

Social media will make you believe that the pandemic is the root cause of such a thing but it cannot be given full credit.

It was observed that the average level of happiness has been declining for several years. The world has become toxic, stressful, and fast which further breeds depression, fatigue, anger, anxiety, and other such negative things.

Humans have been conditioned to believe that these emotions are caused by chemical imbalances and the idea of exploring such differences makes us look like 2 different entities.

People have been doing therapy, taking medicines and believed that the only way to find happiness was through these means.

All you need to do is to open your eyes and look at the world. Ask yourself, How can I fix these things? Why are you feeling this way?

People have been oblivious to crazy things that have been happening all around the globe. They have become so immersed into this modern world that they have lost the knowledge to “live as they were created to live”.

You should not only look at yourself as a physical being but also open your eyes to a reality where you are an emotional, social, spiritual, and mental being. This is when you will observe that the world around you is changing and healing your emotions, then, becomes a reality.

5 Great Ways To Heal Your Stress And Anxiety

1: Heal Yourself Physically

This is the first place to start. Certain nutrients are required by the body to secrete hormones, causing proper organ and brain functions. If anything is lacking, it will cause an imbalance and induce extreme levels of fatigue, deepening the cycle.

Our body requires fresh air and daily exercise. You can simply implement these in your daily routine by adding a water-soluble multivitamin, vitamin B complex, and trace minerals in the early morning hours followed by a walk outdoors.

2: Heal Yourself Mentally

People automatically relate the word mental health with depression and anxiety.

Mental health in our sense is how you can grow and stimulate your mind. You need to stimulate your mind on a regular basis as it tends to get bored and lose its functions.

You can easily nurture your mental health by replacing music with podcasts and listening to motivational speeches whenever you can, instead of scrolling through social media platforms.

3: Heal Yourself Socially

People have become introverts and are only socializing over the internet.

You need to choose your friends carefully as “you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. 

Re-evaluate your relationships carefully with your family, friends, and co-workers.

4: Heal Your Attitude

People who bear a negative attitude tend to bring down another’s emotional state as well. You need to find these people and minimize your interactions with them. It is also important to look at their lifestyles. If you feel that such a lifestyle is not to your taste, then move on.

5: Heal Your Belief System

It is quite important to practice spirituality in some sort. It will help you feel connected, focused, and calm in tough situations.

If you place your focus on the present, your feelings of anxiety will slowly disappear. You can simply nourish your spirits by practicing mindfulness every day, practicing medicine, or even going through some literature.

All these small practices can be added to your daily routine with no effort. The compound effect of these tasks is life-changing. Therapy is also necessary as you might need one on one support in certain situations. 

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