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Twin Flames: Is Authenticity The Key To Their Power?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flame relationship is an extraordinary phenomenon. It’s not only rare but also is a source of sheer power and magnificence.

They represent a bond of pure love between two enigmatic souls that is especially made by the Universe because it deemed them to be perfect together.

This twin flame relationship belongs to a higher spiritual state and possesses the great truth of being.

They come to this earth with some special purpose and plan out their journey so that they can unite again in their physical forms.

In order to fulfill their role as advanced souls and embark on this transforming journey, they need to be genuine.

As soon as you meet your other half, you feel the need to reject everything that isn’t compatible with your soul and beliefs.

Therefore the significance of the twin flame relationship lies in the fact that it’s a journey of self-discovery where the worldly illusions will fall apart to reveal the inner essence and truth. It will remove all the lies and superficiality from your system.

This journey makes the twin flames focus on their true selves, reminding them of their origin and purpose.

It’s a slow but rewarding process where you gradually get rid of all previous toxic egoistic ideas and binaries set by the society that bounded you.

Instead, you get in touch with your inner self and link your high vibrational energy with your other half to reach an equilibrium. This suggests that your souls again become magnetically attracted to each other due to the intense and genuine love you share.

This transformation and the resulting spiritual illumination results in a great force being built which speeds up the process and also untangles all the hurdles in your journey.

In order to distinguish between the fake and the real, reach out within your soul and question your heart. Your heart is full of your true desires, passions, and love, things that give you true happiness, that no one can outweigh. Those are your real talents.

Don’t pay attention to the false expectations of society that constricts your soul’s growth. Listen to your heart and bloom!

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