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Your Mind Is Not Always Right, Don’t Follow It Blindly

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by Conscious Reminder

Your quality of life can change based on how you look at life itself. Life is all about developing a proper mindset and once you have made it, you can take on everything that life throws at you.

If you have a pessimistic mindset, everything might seem like a challenge which has no returns. However, if you are optimistic, you can turn your life around from any negative incident easily, after learning loads of things from it.

So, the first thing towards leading a healthy lifestyle is having a healthy mindset. Here is how you can change your mindset and make the most out of life:

1. Observe your mind

Start becoming an observer of your mind. Instead of reacting or acting on any thought that goes through your mind, think of ‘why’ such a thought came to you.

When you observe your thoughts, you won’t hold any bias towards it. So, be in control of your thoughts and don’t just act it out or react to them.

2. Training To Be Happy

We are what thoughts we keep. If you have trained your brain to look at the bad side of everything, then your brain will ensure that you spot the ill in every good.

However, if you have trained your brain to see the silver lining under every cloud, then no matter how bad things turn out to be, your brain will take some lesson from it.

So, train your brain to engage in happy thoughts always. Don’t react to criticism adversely. Rather, take lessons from it and be better.

3. Purpose

You have to give a purpose to your life if you are going to move forward. Without a purpose, you are just going to be distracted and not know where you want to go.

Focus will help you cut off any kind of distraction and engage yourself with a purposeful life. So, build a story of your life, write your final chapter and start moving towards it.

4. Trust

You might be someone who is always engaged in self-doubt. You overthink and by overthinking, you set yourself backwards inch by inch.

It’s quite natural to doubt yourself and be overly critical of yourself. But you have to move forward and stop searching for answers. Sometimes, you have to trust your heart and make a leap.

5. Differentiate between Ego and Higher Self

The higher self is the intuition – the wisdom and creativity that speaks to you in whispers. It’s very hard to hear the ‘higher self’ over the Ego. The Ego is all about survival.

It fears the world and tries to keep you protected. It is very loud, drowning the voices of the higher self.

Try to listen to the whispers of the higher self and drown the animalistic ego. Be attentive of which is which and then, pay attention to the one which adds more value.

Change your mindset and you can conquer the world.

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