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5 Things Empaths Should Try To Avoid At Any Cost

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are what makes humanity beautiful. Empaths are our last hope to keep the humanity as we know it, they are an invincible source of inspiration, love, understanding, empathy and, of course, high-frequency vibrations. They simply make this world a better place.

However, empaths are people with extremely strong sensory and perceptive abilities. Advanced empaths can even feel what the people around them feel at the exact moment. That’s why they see the world with different eyes and they have the right to do it. This world is filled with selfishness, anger, evilness, and materialism.

That’s why empaths need to avoid certain things to live a happy and fulfilled life. These are the 5 most important things empaths must try to avoid:

1. Avoid resistance and denial.

This is a very ‘painful spot’ for all empaths. They can’t stand resistance and denial. Actually, they never want to be the center of attention, nor they need attention, but when they love someone, they emotions are strong and pure. Rejection hurts them too much, pushing them down in depression. However, this is a great advice for empaths- stay away from people who don’t appreciate and love you. You can feel it- not everybody deserves to put faith in.

2. Avoid becoming a victim.

Empaths are naturally accumulating energy. Positive and negative. However, the world is mostly negative, so they often find threatened by dumb and mean people around them. They are very sensitive and easy-going in the same time, but still, they are not resistable to all negative emotions around them. Their burden is heavy, so that’s why they should always avoid becoming a victim of a certain conflict situation. Many other people don’t have empathy- they will use it as an advantage against empaths and hurt them.

3. Avoid forgetting how karma works.

This is very important. If you are an empath, you should never forget the cosmic power and the micro-macro cosmos connection. Every action has a reaction- that’s the rule all empaths need to follow.

4. Avoid draining yourself to exhaustion.

Of course, empaths as ‘sensors’, register and accumulate all energy and emotions around them. This could often lead to a heavy exhaustion. Naturally, empaths feel the need to help other people, but often they forget their limits. Be aware that not everybody deserves help or needs help and ‘shoulder for crying’. Empaths should be aware of their limits. Psychological exhaustion is very hard to them.

5. Avoid isolating yourself.

Isolation is not the solution! Many empaths who are not aware how special they are, often isolate themselves and stay in the ‘shell’. They just can’t stand the pressure of the outside world. That’s normal. However, they need to understand that they have the power to manage their special abilities. They could be THE CHANGE in their social circles and that’s how they should see themselves.

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