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Ayahuasca: Natural Cure For Alcoholism And Depression

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Scientists have been trying to figure out ways to fight depression and alcoholism.

In Brazil, there is a study going on to check if Ayahuasca can exhibit therapeutic qualities or not. Ayahuasca is a type of tea which has shown positive effect on people who were battling alcoholic tendencies or depression.

Ayahuasca is not consumed like a tea or coffee but, a particular procedure is to be followed for drinking it. The process usually lasts for two hours where the hymns are recited along with purging sessions.

Scientists have been trying to find cures, some of which are radioactive or psychoactive in nature, for alcoholic tendencies and depression.

Study over the cure

The cure is being studied which is under the supervision of Brazil. Men and women are asked to drink the Ayahuasca to note the effect of the drink on them. A week after the experiment started, more than 50% of people experienced positive effect. And by the end of two weeks percentage grew higher.

The symptoms which get cured in the initial days are following:

  1. Difficulty in concentrating
  2. Sadness
  3. Having negative thoughts

The only side effect which this medicine has is that people vomit after drinking it. Nausea too, has been reported as another side effect. However, people had only positive response to it as they had the effect on for the next few weeks too.

Study around the world

Studies are being conducted to verify if the treatment is going to give promising results in future. The experiments have been conducted on rats and other animals, which hinted towards better future for people who want to get rid of their issues. The treatment can result in happiness and harmony around the world.

Not for everyone

The treatment is very much psychological. It can have effects on people only if they are willing to get rid of their problems. Although, the treatment seems promising in nature, yet there are many things which have not been verified yet. So only the future can divulge what will help the alcoholic and depressed.

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