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Astrology Says March 2020 Will Be A Hard Month For These 3 Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

March 2020 is here and it has brought with it some major changes. The Spring Equinox will happen this month and so will the entry of Saturn in Aquarius.

These shifts will affect every zodiac sign but a few will be more affected than the others.

Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio are the 3 zodiacs that will be most affected. Mercury Retrograde is re-entering Aquarius on 4th March, while Venus is entering Taurus- it’s home.

9th March will be important as well since Mercury will go direct in the sign of Aquarius. At the same time, a Full Moon in Virgo will happen. Mercury will then again travel through Pisces on the 16th of March.

On 21st March, Saturn will enter in Aquarius, just after the Spring Equinox happens on the 19th. Mars will be joining Saturn in Aquarius after the New Moon happening on the 24th.

Let’s see how the 3 zodiac signs will be affected.


You are either giving your 200% or not even 20%, Aquarians. Are you sacrificing too much of your security and/ or comfort? Know your self-worth, Aquarians.

Nurture yourself this month, in a way that you have been nurturing other people. It is not necessary for it to be emotional; you can nurture yourself by thinking about your future too.

Don’t put your time and energy into things that no longer serve you. As Saturn enters your sign later in March, it is high time you realize all this and become mature.


With the Sun being in your 8th house of investments, transformation, and sex, you’re focusing on the right things. But make sure that you’re also focusing on what you’re receiving. If you’re applying some energy and time somewhere then it is only fair that you get something in return.

Also, Mercury will be traveling through your 7th house of marriage and partnerships. This will lead to conversations between you and your partner so make sure you take them seriously. Later, Saturn will also come into your 7th house making you aware of what’s to come.

Stay steady and strong!


As Neptune and the Sun come into your 5th house of romance, art, inspiration, and creativity, you’ll try to re-evaluate your life.

You’ll seek the meaning of love and passion in life. You’ll also want people to acknowledge you, and it is fine! It doesn’t mean that you’re needy, Scorpio.

Mercury will affect your 4th house of family and home, so you’ll feel emotional about these areas. Your inner child might seek your attention during this time.

And lastly, with Saturn coming into your house representing home, you’ll become aware of what needs to be repaired. So, hold on tight and ride through the month!

Although these 3 signs are to face most of the adversities during March 2020, this doesn’t mean that you should be sad about it. You just need to stay focused and do the necessary things to smoothen this month! All the best.

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