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5 Ways To Effectively Deal With Criticism

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“Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say!”

..so do what you were going to do anyway!

People always think that they are better than the others and they love to criticize. Oh, how they love to do so! But what people fail to understand is that everyone has different perspectives and way of doing things, and that is okay. There is more than one right way to do things.

Also, there is constructive criticism, when it is said the right way with all the good intentions. But you will know it when it happens.

In this article we will focus on the other type of criticism, the one that is supposed to destroy you and that is not meant in a good way. Remember to never take their criticism personal and to not let it get to you.

Here are the 5 ways to effectively deal with criticism:

1. Do Not Take It Personal

Like I mentioned before, I will say it again. And this time I will elaborate on it for a bit.

A lot of people think that their way is the right way and the only way to do a certain something. But if they were right, then literally everyone else will be failing through life, and it doesn’t seem as we are. Their critics come from their perspective and from their abilities, not yours. So just nod and say ‘’okay, thank you for the advice’’ and move on. You don’t have to follow it. Just do argue and show that it got to you; instead, be polite and move on, and don’t forget that this is most likely not about you. It is about them.

2. Take A Few Deep Breaths

I know that it can be VERY annoying and irritating when someone does this to you. But the best way to handle it is like we mentioned in the previous point – to be polite, say Thank You, and keep moving. The worst way is to get in someone’s face and argue about it. If you really, REALLY, feel like doing the second one, take a few deep breaths before you do so, so you can try to calm yourself. Don’t do something that you will regret later on and that can destroy your relationship with this person.

3. Try To See If There Is Some Truth In It

Not everything they said might be true. But, it might be coming from a reasonable place. Maybe their comment is partially true. Keep your mind open and think for a second. Let’s say it is your boss, even though he tells you that you do a good job every day. Retrospect for a bit and see if they might be right with their comment. Sometimes other people can see the situation better than us, and then help us see the one thing we are missing. Maybe it is constructive criticism that we failed to notice at first.

4. If It Gets Rough, Remember You Are Tough!

Judgment and criticism will follow you around for your whole life. It is just how it is. So make sure that when you are in a situation like that, that you are stronger than that and that you are tough enough to deal with it and get through it. The key here is to be confident in yourself and don’t give your attention to it. That way, it’ll pass soon and it won’t get to you.

5. Always Be True To Yourself And Be Real

Be honest with yourself, keep it real, and be true to yourself! If you practice that, life will give you so much in return! Not everyone has to agree with you and be happy with your ways, but it is you that walks your own path. So whatever everyone else has to say, let them. Now you know how to deal with that.

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