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Harnessing Your S*xual Energy

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It isn’t always enough to have a strong s*x drive, but one must also know how to utilize it. Sexual transformation is a means of changing your thoughts and actions from physical expression to one that yields a creative force.

Sexuality is one singular aspect of our personalities. The path of sexual transmutation isn’t by overtly indulging in s*x, denying it or overcoming desires related to s*x. It is about embracing your sexual drive as a part of your identity.

Do not commit the mistake of confusing the idea of essential spirituality with escaping tendencies of your true being. Repression is never a good idea because whatever you repress lives on, in disguise, beneath the surface, waiting to come about.

Sexual energy, like all forms of energy, can neither be destroyed nor created but only transformed from one form to another.

Glimpse through the three ways in which you could successfully harness your sexual energy.

1. Seven Day Experiment

Try abstaining from any sort of sexual activity for a prolonged period of a week. The next step after the experiment is to explore how you feel and what you’re thinking. While some people shall benefit in innumerable ways, others would feel extremely negative emotions like anxiety, and grumpy mood swings.

This experiment will help you understand which areas of yourself need development and how ready you’re for energy transmutation at present.

2. Observe, but do it without judgment

While you abstain from s*x for a week, allow feelings to arise within you and observe them without judgment. See them for their natural aspect and try to understand what these desires imply about your own self.

It is best to perceive these emotions as sensations rather than labeling them as sexual energy. Some individuals shall perceive orgasmic rushes of energy without any physical expression or stimulation simply by the act of observing.

3. Don’t stop having s*x

It can be quite taxing to abstain and be aware of sexual energy if you’re in a relationship. At such points, keep having s*x but do not reach the climax point.

Originally a Tantric practice, this shall leave you with increased energy, focus and inspiration at its pinnacle.

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