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We Are Destroying Our Planet: Terrifying Images Of Floating Plastic Islands

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder 

Though these pictures look like they are part of the set for an apocalypse movie, the truth is that they are very much real.

It was shot by Caroline Power near Roatan, an island on the Caribbean sea which is part of Honduras.

They reveal the horrifying reality of what consumerism and excessive waste have done to the planet – tons of plastic fused into one huge mass floating through the ocean like an island of garbage. 

The Caribbean islands and the sea itself are thought to be representative of Paradise. We’ve all grown up hearing about their breath taking beauty of these places and these pictures couldn’t be further from that notion.

Yet, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. The pictures are proof of the dangers of increasing pollution, not just in these islands but also all over the world. 

Not only is it unbearably ugly, it is a dangerous threat to the wildlife living in those areas of the ocean. We may already have made mistakes that cannot be fixed.

Power and her team of divers had simply set out for an adventure on the sea when they came across this mass of plastic went on for a remarkable five miles.

They saw all kinds of rubbish from bottles to tins to TVs and footwear. She took to social media and shared these images with a powerful message. 

She asks all of us to look at how we live our lives. Whenever we buy take out or eat street food, we use so much plastic because all of it is served and packed in plastic containers with plastic utensils.

We use plastic bags to tie up our trash, all the things we buy come wrapped in different plastic. And so much of this ends up in the ocean. 

We’ve come so far but now it is time to stop and figure out how we can help our planet and ensure that we still have an Earth to pass on to future generations.


Video courtesy of Storyful News

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Brian Gibson December 28, 2018 - 11:26 am

Hi First let me explain about myself… I am a retired Technical Construction Supervisor and have been involved in the design and building of Nuclear stations ,Electrical Power Transmission Projects, Oil and Gas Development Onshore ,Off Shore etc and finally Plastic plant design and Building .

During the involvement in the Plastic industry I made a design for recycling that type of plastic,ie clear bottles for example the company was willing to invest in the equipment but the councils were not willing to do the sorting as they could not see a profit.

It would be so easy to collect this mess up and make simple building blocks for houses but no one of the Multi nationals can see a profit

If all the people were told the true facts that I have seen with my own eyes Oil and Gas are renewable energy

There are no flying H bombs not possible

The banking system is a scam

The Earth is not as it is shown as a Globe

Satellites are hanging on Big Balloons

and many more.

So how about cleaning up the Oceans not just talk………;..


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