How Can You Lower Your Stress Levels As An INFJ?

We are all facing some kind of stress. But there is something different about INFJ people. People who are INFJ belong to the rare personality group on the Myers-Briggs personality scale.

About 2% of the population is INFJ. They are extremely nurturing but they are also reserved in themselves. And that is one of the reasons why they are shy and often appear to be submissive.

Similarly, they put a lot of ‘kindness’ on other people leaving none for themselves, and this results in a lot of personal unhappiness. Unhappiness leads to stress which eventually ends up making them feel terrible all around.

However, there are some ways in which INFJ people can deal with their stress levels and these are the following ways:

1. Conflict

INFJs are not very good at conflict. They are neither conflict-resolvers nor conflict winners. When they are forced to enter a conflict, they break. They become overly stressed trying to put their good on either side and in the process, they end up being unhappy. INFJs fail to function properly especially when they are being yelled at. If you are in such a position, the best thing to do is leave.

2. Going Outside

Socializing and going outside is not a cup of tea for INFJs. They don’t like to be surrounded by people for too long and if they force themselves to do so, they will only drain their vital energy. Of course, they can go out but they do so for a limited period of time. Try to understand this limit and give yourself the time to collect your thoughts. Be aware of your feelings when it is reaching the limits.

3. Noisy Environment

Well, a noisy environment is stressful for any person but it is especially true for INFJs. You are overwhelmed and you have to deal with a lot of workplace conflict. Plus, you will have to deal with a lot of people and people are not really your thing. Maybe breathing techniques is the best way to go about it. Don’t give in.

4. Uncertainty

Uncertain situations popping up all of a sudden is a complete no-no for the INFJ type. It throws you off guard and puts you in the spot. It is difficult to deal with such a situation when you are an INFJ. Going with the flow is not really your forte. However, stay there, you might get better at it eventually.

5. Small Details

INFJ are poor at multitasking, They fail to do multiple things at one time and when the stress gets too high, they just shut down. Try to write things down and don’t take more than you can chew – that way you can manage everything.

6.  Overwork

As an INFJ, you tend to care for the company and hence, you take up more work. But as soon as too much work shows up, you become overwhelmed. You tend to overburden yourself and end up making errors. Ask for help if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s all right to take less work as well.

So, manage your stress levels and you can flourish even with your INFJ personality.

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