Loving An Introvert Is Not Simple, But It Pays Off

by Conscious Reminder

One attribute which we all find fascinating when it comes to introverts is mysterious. Despite this trait, the attractiveness level they possess may make dating them a difficult task to accomplish.

For extroverts, the introverts’ quiet nature may be a huge warning sign. In fact, how can living a solitary life be interesting?

But, there are some perks related to dating introverts, which extroverts should take into consideration:

Introverts are excellent listeners.

Sometimes, what we will only need is someone that will hear, and even understand our deepest concerns. Loving introverts can have calming and healing effects on us when we need it the most. Having someone that will understand and know how he or she should respond to us in our most desperate times will be the best.

Introverts are going to support us regardless of what happens.

Loving introverts are never going to leave us in glooms. They are going to support and encourage us in every possible aspect of our lives. Introvert partners are never going to leave us to drown regardless of the situation, and they will never leave us to face darkness in life on our own. They are going to ground our restless parts and clam us when we need it the most.

Introverts are thoughtful and attentive.

An introvert will always think very carefully before he or she starts acting in some situation. When we argue with him or her, such arguments are going to be like heated discussions over specific topics. Rather than yelling at us, he or she is going to calmly make the point. When we form part of the life of an introvert, we are going to have his or her full attention. We can be entirely sure that we are never going to be taken for granted. We belong to the group of people that they feel quite comfortable with, so that they are going to focus their energies towards us.

Introverts are loyal.

Introverts prefer to be loyal. Most of the times, they are dedicated to the relationship with their whole heart. They never think of cheating, which is the greatest perk we can enjoy, particularly as changing partners nowadays is just like changing clothes. Although they can sometimes be possessive, they are not going to mess with our personal space. They are going to be cool, and they will adjust to our needs.

Introverts are unpredictable.

Surprising thoughts and daydreams are constantly on the mind of introverts. We can’t hope to know what is in their minds and what their plans are. They are always going to figure out some new ways of surprising us, thanks to the creative nature they possess.

An introvert is going to act silly when he or she is around us, and when he or she gets comfortable with us, there is going to be a huge unpredictability.

Despite the vast personality differences, introverts and extroverts can accomplish the state of bliss by learning from one another, and completing each other.

Just like Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher suggests in his “The Unity of Opposites,” two opposite forces may complement each other in order to reach an excellent balance of the positive strength.

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