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You Have The Ability To Communicate With The Spiritual Realm, This Is How To Do It

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by Conscious Reminder

All human beings have the ability to connect with spirits. The same particles that make up the stars are present in the body of man. The only difference is that some people have an innate power to observe things that may not be visible to everyone else.

Whether there is belief in these phenomena or not, they will keep occurring. Even those who don’t possess and special powers can be taught how to communicate with the spiritual realm and receive its blessings.

The first step to enter this space is to heighten perception and sensitivity and this can be done by meditating. Visualizing a connection to the spirit world during meditation and holding that vision can bring telepathic messages out from the spirit world. In the beginning, these communications can be understood using sight, sound, touch, and feeling. As these skills are honed, instinct takes over.

These are the steps to be followed to connect with the spiritual realm:

1. Be seated in a peaceful, isolated space.

2. Relax and send out a request for the guidance of the spirits.

3. Think of one person who has passed through into this realm to communicate with.

4. Both mind and boy must be fully relaxed so that the energy connecting them to the spiritual world can be felt.

5. Allow spirit to enter and bestow the blessings it wishes to give. Stay patient and don’t let wayward thoughts intrude.

6. When an otherworldly feeling takes over, the connection has been truly established and spirit is ready to provide whatever answers are being sought.

Spirit will always send out a sign when the connection is open. The stereo might start playing music, a particular scent linked to a person who has moved on, feathers, birds and butterflies getting closer than usual, things belonging to that person being moved around, and so on. The spirit will always find a way to reveal its presence.

The entirety of the universe is filled with the spirit and the love that it holds. Like all energy, the spirit cannot die. It can only change its appearance. In the same way, people do not die but simply merge with the spirit from which they were born.

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