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How to Apply Chakra Therapy Using Sound and Color

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Sound has a physiological effect on us. The chakras can be positively affected by different sound frequencies and vibrations.

Using sound in chakra therapy can help you to release negative emotions just by using energy – since everything is energy, your chakras will ‘come into tune’ with the sound you use, just like an instrument is tuned to a specific frequency of a tuning fork. The idea here is that an even, balanced sound resonates within the body and the chakras, allowing them to become balanced as well.

Chakra Therapy techniques are varied and effective.

One popular therapy is the use of singing bowls. Each singing bowl is able to carry three different vibrational resonances that are in harmony with each other, much like a three-note chord played on a musical instrument like a piano or guitar. These vibrational notes each correspond to one of the chakras in your body. Think of the musical notes you can play on an instrument. Each of those notes matches itself with one of the seven main chakras. Played through musical instruments, song, sound machines, singing bowls or any other apparatus that can create smooth, continuous sound, these notes can harmonize and balance the entire system.

What are singing bowls and how do they work?

Singing bowls are, in fact, bells that have been made in the shape of a bowl. They are typically placed on cushions on the floor and played using a wooden mallet called a “striker”. The rims and sides of the singing bowls are rubbed with the striker in order to make a continuous humming sound. Striking the sides of the bowls creates a gong-like sound. The continuous sounds allow a continuous, even frequency to resonate within the body, bringing the related chakra into harmonic balance. The gong-like sounds help to keep sharp focus and concentration. The different vibrations and frequencies created by the singing bowls resonates with each of our chakras, healing them and correcting imbalances that have occurred. This is a very soothing yet energizing physical experience, as the sounds created by these bowls can be felt all throughout the body.

Sound and color are both frequencies of energy. The vibrations and sounds from the singing bowls are able to “find” the imbalances within your chakras and repair them. Think about how your body keeps in time when you listen to music. Your heart begins to beat in time with the base; you breathe in and out in time with the melody. Your whole body seems to be rhythmically in tune with the music you are listening to. Sound serves the same purpose in chakra therapy, simply bringing the body, mind and emotions into harmony with the spirit.

Singing bowls can be expensive, so if you decide you would really like one, choose the one that resonates most with you – your favorite tone. Resonance is important – if something ‘resonates with you’ it means it is a vibrational match for you. It makes you happy! Don’t worry about choosing one that is geared toward a specific chakra because the blockage may be temporary – so choose a bowl that makes you happy, because this one frequency can be a sort of ‘master frequency’ that helps balance YOU. Of course, if you can afford them all, go for it. Creating music with singing bowls is an incredibly rewarding, joyful practice!

The Chakra Notes

The root chakra corresponds with the note “C”

The sacral chakra corresponds to the note “D”

The solar plexus chakra corresponds to the note “E”

The heart chakra corresponds to the note “F”

The throat chakra corresponds to the note “G”

The third-eye chakra corresponds with the note “A”

The crown chakra are connected to the note “B”

Your intentions are the most powerful chakra therapy! You can either use a singing bowl or any other instrument to have a continuous vibration at a specific frequency; or, another method is to hum the notes, either during meditation or simply anytime you remember to do it – a great time is when you’re taking a walk, cleaning the house, folding laundry, etc. You don’t have to be a great singer or musician to do this! The classic, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do sequence is easily learned in the song “Do Re Mi” from “The Sound of Music” is all you need to learn – it’s fun, memorable, uplifting and a great way to learn the sounds of each note.

Essentially, when you sing or chant each note, you want to hold that note until you physically feel a resonance in your throat; if you’re highly attuned to your body, you may feel the resonance in other parts of your body as well, but if you don’t, it’s still there, doing its job. Allow the note to resonate in your throat, holding it for the duration of your breath, and repeat for several minutes.

Visualize the sound frequencies vibrating in the chakra, clearing out any blockages much like ultrasound therapy breaks up crystals in the gallbladder or urinary tract. It’s really the same concept, except that the blockages you are dealing with in the chakras are not of a physical nature.

Use the colors of the chakras in your home, and in your wardrobe. Wear the colors that intuitively feel are healing to you. When you meditate, visualize the color associated with each chakra – vibrant, spinning happily in perfect harmony – in fact, create a symphony of color and sound within you, allowing the frequencies to mesh and harmonize.

Most importantly, your intentions drive the healing process! Set your intention that you ARE healthy, happy, energized, etc. It’s very, very important to focus your intention on being healthy in the present tense. Avoid giving energy to “I need to clear this chakra” or any thoughts about the current situation. You know what the current situation is, and if you give it more emotional and mental energy, you will only ‘feed the monster’ and perpetuate the situation.

Set your intentions on what you want, and when you want it (perfect emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health… NOW).

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