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Taurus Full Moon Rising October 24th: Love May Catch You Off Guard

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon this October is all about uncertainty and change, specifically in relationships. When Venus is opposite Uranus, there’s uncertainty even in finances.

However, the Full Moon works well with Saturn to keep a check on the unpredictable behavior of Uranus, i.e., it can overturn relationship based doubts into commitments and ambiguities into certainties.

The permanent stars on 24th October along with the Full Moon, will bring an intermix of troubles and solutions. Uranus and the Full Moon will bring directly affect your relationship and your finances, making it more vulnerable; Saturn will bring stability.

Understanding the Full Moon

The Full Moon happens each time the Sun is exactly opposite to the Moon. The polarity in their position is thus reflected in the polarities in life—home versus work, needs versus desires, internal versus external pressures, and so on. These conflicts naturally become very exhausting at this time.

At this time, your emotional strength is going to be high and you can use your ability to deal with any and every kind of problems in the relationship. Any disharmony in your personal life will be clearly visible to you and enable you to resolve it.

This Full Moon is related to the preceding New Moon. Also, the New Moon on October 8 can be used to reach both your goals and adjust your emotions. The Full Moon in October will last till November 7th.

October 2018, Full Moon according to astrology

On October 24th, the Full Moon will be at 01°13′ Taurus in union with Uranus. Since the two are so close (less than 1° orb), there will be uncertainty and transformations for 2 weeks till the Moon phases away from Uranus. The Full Moon in opposition to the Sun means unsure changes in the relationships when Venus is the polar opposite to Uranus, the insecurities shift to assets.

The Full Moon this October has Saturn linked to the Moon in a way that there is scope for stability. Hence, there’s hope for uncertainties in relationships and finances to be modified to productive outcomes.

The fixed stars at this time may pose problems in the relationship, but at the same time, they may create scope for answers to the same, through love and patience.


When Venus is opposite Uranus, there will be major changes that may not necessarily be positive. For those who’re single—expect surprises, perhaps kinkiness too; those who’s dating—expect unusual flirting or sexual excitement. Either way, it could lead to unexpected and not so positive results.

And if love doesn’t exist in your life, no matter what, then you’ll definitely see changes in your financial life. Be careful not to invest a large amount of your money at this time. Try to divert your excitement elsewhere.

Moon in conjunction with Uranus may make you eccentric and impulsive. This may affect your relationships with close ones and may make you feel secluded from them.

When Moon will be opposite Venus, there’ll be an increased need for affection. If you’re single, then you’ll strongly desire a partner and if you’re in a relationship, your emotional demands will increase. In either case, if it’s not fulfilled completely, you may want to indulge yourself in alcohol, shopping, or junk food.

Useful Aspects

When Venus is sextile with Saturn it’ll increase the need for human contact, and if you’re single, the relationship that you’ll enter will be promising. There’s scope for a relationship with the vast age difference and in an existing relationship, kinkiness may be less likely tense in the end.

At this time taking care of your relationship and being practical will help relationship progress well. Also, finances will be secure, you can save more money, and invest some if it too.

When Moon is in trine with Saturn, your emotions will be stronger, more rational, and help you resolve new problems. Some may seek emotional support from you at this time. Hence you can depend on your instincts and senses to deal with these people and also with regard to decisions in your personal life.

Fixed Stars during Full Moon in October 2018

Mirach, the Fixed Star, in the Andromeda Constellation (next to the Chained Woman), gives brilliance, devotion, love, forgiveness, and prosperity in married life, says Robson. Though he believes that Uranus and the Moon do not get along well with the Fixed Stars. Ebertin says that it also provides happiness, altruism, cheerfulness, and scope for artistic creativity.

Moon conjoint Mirach: There may be troubles with the opposite sex because of inappropriate behavior, not a good time for domestic life.

Uranus conjoint Mirach: Unstable mental state and may show insane behavior, and experience failures and disappointments. Not a good time for domestic life and there may be death in an unusual way. (0°51′ Charles Manson)

Mira, the Fixed Star resides in the Cetus Constellation, which it is also known as Tail of the Whale. According to Ebertin, if it is linked well with Saturn, it will lead to perseverance, resourcefulness, and progressive spirit, thus helping resolve issues. However, if it’s not well connected then it may lead to failures and enmity. Similarly, if it’s connected to the Moon, there will be sadness.

You can know more about the Full Moon in October 2018 through the astrology chart to understand how it’ll affect you. Transits in the Full Moon can be looked at to understand how it’ll affect your birth chart.

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