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7 Eye-Opening Signs That You Are Dating An Emotional Psychopath

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Relationships are meant to be a place where you find solace when the whole world seems to be a torture machine.

But if your partner is expecting mental support from the very start and in that process is giving you extreme emotional stress with unreasonable fights, start looking up for these symptoms which indicate something is wrong with him/her:

1. Comparison

When your Partner tries to make a comparison between the both of you and reaches to the conclusion they are far better than you are; that is something unusual in a relationship. Partners are meant to make us feel better and safe, not competitive in a negative way.

2. Lack of Consistency

Every relationship has highs and lows but your Relationship will begin to lack the continuation because constant fights make you people drift away and come back again. Melancholy hits the person who cares the most in the relationship and pain is constant.

3. You are less of a Priority for them

In a relationship both of you would have each other’s back at hard times. But if they are almost blind to your sadness and depression then you really need to think about their concern and love for you. In future there can be more serious issues when they can easily back off.

4. Strong the Blame Game

Lunatic people are always strong in this game; they never fail to blame other people for their mistakes. No matter how serious they sin is they will be unapologetic as hell. This will not only take away your faith in yourself but also make a scar that can be permanent.

5. Brainwashing

Lunatics have the talent of brainwashing to a great extent which would always make the other one in relationship feel guilty. Also they can make you doubt your own memory.

6. Overpowering

The Oversentimental Maniac will try to overpower and almost take control of your life in their hands. They can go to the extent of prohibiting you from doing things you like and they may even force you to change your daily habits.

7. You are The Negative in their life

No matter how much you try, whatever wrong happens in their life it is always your fault. Even if you do not have control over the things that are going wrong, you are blamed and cursed making you doubt your abilities.

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