You Are A Night Owl? Then You Should Build Your Own Magical Moon Garden

by Conscious Reminder

Night owls are a new breed. They are far more reactionary and far more intelligent. But, at the end of the day, most of them just end up wasting their energies on useless things at night, because after all most of the world is asleep.

Unless you are really into solitary reading or writing, being a night owl can get really boring sometimes.

What you are missing out on, is the number of flowers that actually bloom at night.

Flowers blooming at night? Yes.

If you have a knack for gardening and you are a night owl who ends up draining himself/herself/themselves, you might want to read ahead to.

Besides there are many flowers that have connections with the moon and spiritual realms, which bloom at night too. Apparently, their energies help bring vigour to life as well.

Besides, if there is a possibility that you might just want some cool looking plants, what can be cooler than bioluminescent flowers in your garden? After all, the plants must do something to attract moths which pollinate them (yes, that’s why moths are drawn to lamps).

1. Moonflower

A distant cousin perennial cousin of the morning glory, this plant produces flowers that stay shut in the light, and open up at night with a lemony scent.

2. Evening primrose

Another sweet smelling flower that blooms at night only.

3. Night Phlox

Very pretty flowers with a scent reminiscent of vanilla mixed with honey. Tell me who would ever hate that?

4. Evening Stock

Not that showy, but they smell of heaven.

5. Angel’s Trumpet

The inspiration behind the Pokemon Victreebell. Bell-shaped flowers that look like pipes when closed during the day.

6. Night Gladiolus

They don’t really bloom at night, but they sure smell the strongest at night.

So, next time you feel bored at night, you might want to try your hand at these.

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