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This Is How Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder 

Lunar Eclipses are a time of revelation and transformation. As the celestial bodies align in the Cosmos, we will find our emotions heightened.

The energies unleashed will be tremendously powerful. We just need to learn how to harness it and where to direct our focus.

Read ahead to know what to expect!


The time is ripe for you to work on your growth. Seek out the knowledge that you have been wanting. There could be some drastic changes in your perspective and opinions. Open your ears and your mind.


Remember that self-care comes above all. It’s good to take care of your friends, but never at the cost of your health. Learn to set personal boundaries. Spend some time with yourself, and you are in for a revelation.


Your life might feel a bit chaotic at the moment. That’s because Venus Retrograde is in your zodiac, and the Lunar Eclipse will influence your house of relations. Don’t make any impulsive decisions regarding your love life and your finances.


As a sensitive zodiac, you are going to feel all the push and the pull of the Lunar energies. Take time out to reflect on your emotions. Don’t let this time pass by without you even realizing it. You can use the powerful Lunar energies to evolve as a person.


Your artistic abilities will guide you home. If things feel unsettled right now, pick up a pen and paper, doodle, paint, create music, or just write a poem. It will be a cathartic experience.


You have been working non-stop. Whether it be a professional project or a personal one, you have just been pushing yourself the last couple of weeks. Stop for a moment. And reflect on your inner self. You need spiritual healing.


As an advocate for justice, you will find yourself overwhelmed at the moment. While you can participate in protests and help out the causes you believe in, it is imperative that you don’t lose yourself in the process. Try to find a balance.


You are growing to be a paragon of confidence, and rightly so. Continue on this path. Never suppress your true emotions. Learn to refuse, when you think a particular person or a situation will be too much for you.


Try to center your inner self. Things are chaotic in the outside world, and you need to evoke your warrior self. And before you do that, you need to be fully connected to your spiritual self. Meditate under the Lunar Eclipse to harness all its energies.


Take a break and indulge yourself. Your feelings have been amplified under this intense Lunar cycle. To go forward, you need to first take two steps back. Firm your foundations to go far. Allow yourself to relax, and you will grow.


Under this Lunar Eclipse, the key focus for you should be practicality and honesty. You need to create a little temporary distance between you and your social circle. Be honest about how you feel, and your positive growth is inevitable.


Recent times have not been kind to any of us. But you might be getting particularly affected by it. Don’t worry, the Full Moon Eclipse is here. Try changing things around your house. Having plants nears you will help you settle down. Meditate and dive in to get in touch with your inner self. Use this time to plan ahead.

This Lunar Eclipse is a time of transformation. Calm yourself, and give in to the June 2020 Full Moon Eclipse!

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