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Uranus Retrograde In Aries: Rediscover Your True Self

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by Conscious Reminder

The period between the 6th of November, 2018 and the 6th of March, 2019, the planet Uranus is going to pass its last days in the sign of Aries, prior to officially shifting in the sign of Taurus, and it is not going to be in Aries for over 84 years.

On the 6th of November, the planet that symbolizes surprises, as well as absolute changes and innovations, Uranus, shifts in the fire sign Aries. Uranus being in this sign has the ability to create some positions of uncertainty that can also create some challenges if a person is not aware of its stubbornness.

The transit is in retrograde too, and it can cause some decelerations and setbacks, and it will also connect us to our past, as well as remind us of the business which we left unfinished.

Saying this, you may not feel the influence of the retrograde in the way you feel the retrograde of Mercury. The distance between Uranus and the Earth will make its impacts on the personal lives of people pretty narrow, if not complete sneaky.

Also, you can find yourself going around on an intention which you kept in the past, or you can also learn some new things which will lead you to see a change in a completely new light.

Such changes in your brain are going to happen step by step, and they may look minor for the first time, but there is a possibility that they will lead to some more prominent, as well as even colossal progress.

For the most part, with the word progress, we talk about moving forward – the planet Uranus really loves to cause massive changes, but it is pretty little worried about who has the most benefits from that. Having luck, you are going to receive the signs from the retrograde, as well as learn to get on with everything good or evil which arrives in your life.

This retrograde is a period of facing the fears and also changing the things in our life which do not work in the proper way so that we can be the person that we wanted to. This, in fact, is true on a global and personal scale.

When a person is in an unsatisfactory relationship, or he or she is stuck working the job they do not like, live in some place which does not feel right for them, or spend some time with inadequate individuals, the planet Uranus is going to alert them for this in the months that come.

This retrograde is all about to become real, face your fears, as well as remove everything which no longer serves you when you are trying to become the person you want to be.

It is in the sign of Aries, and it is like you were given a heavenly push to perform your thing, as well as express your individuality. Also, if you felt restricted in some area of your life, this period is going to fuel your wish to rebel.

At the time of the retrograde, you may also ask yourself if your relationship holds you back, or if your job from now prevents you from the success you really desired. Also, ask yourself if the opinions of other people stopped you from going ahead with your desires.

This retrograde is going to shake all things up, as well as encourage you to make some changes in different areas in your life which are not satisfying for you personally.

When the planet goes through the sign of Aries, every one of us is going to receive a heavenly push. Being in the sign of Aries, the planet Uranus is also going to change some problems with our identities, in a way that it is going to encourage us to perform some drastic changes, with embrace and self, everything which is concerned with the energy which reflects a higher mind, as well as independent spirit.

But, the wish for some personal revolution can make the things uncertain at the time of the transit of Uranus into and out of Aries. We can have just a small tolerance for people that threaten to step on our identities’ toes.

Also, during this period, we can feel irritated or angry when we notice that something or someone actually impedes our capacity of expressing the pioneering soul which we have.

We need to accept the chance in order to live in a more original way and stay conscious of the tendency we have towards selfishness at that time.

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