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4 Zodiac Signs That The November New Moon Will Have The Biggest Effect On

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by Conscious Reminder

If you are prepared for new things, then you are the lucky one: the New Moon in November is going to happen on the 7th of November, and it is going to bring a time for a change, as well as personal growth along with it.

New Moons, which are marking the start of the new moon cycle, are almost always concerned with transformations, starting new things, as well as manifesting the purposes you have. The one from now, occurring in the sign of Scorpio, will be all for empathy, as well as forgiveness.

Just like some other parts of lunar cycles, the New Moon is going to affect all of us, but some astrological signs are going to feel it in a more specific way than others. Some of the signs of the zodiac will be affected the most during the New Moon in November, and you probably like to be informed whether your astrological sign is among them.

As some sources stated, this period is an excellent one for saying sorry for some mistakes made in the past, so that you can continue ahead and follow every dream you have without feeling guilty and ashamed.

This New Moon is one for fresh beginnings, for doing things in a different way, as well as relieving yourself of what no longer serves you, and moving ahead in the future. Mainly, the New Moon is going to feel more compassionate, as well as sensitive.

You may also feel the need of helping other people, and you will also have an excellent understanding of this world. You will even desire to relieve yourself from everything you were holding inside you, as well as forgive people you were in a fight with.

Also, you will notice that you will have some benefits from this period, relating to your relationships, and all that thanks to the feeling of bonding, and closeness.

One astrologer gave an explanation about which of the signs of the zodiac will be most affected by the energy of this New Moon.

Taurus (20th of April – 20th of May)

This New Moon can be an excellent period for relationships, but for Taurus, it can indeed go in one way or another. As the astrologer said, relationships can run away, or they can also go bust – it is all up to the person to decide which of the roads he or she would like to walk on, depending on their profound feelings about a partnership.

Leo (23rd of July – 22nd of August)

Leos are often entirely societal, as well as outgoing, and they are always surrounding themselves with their beloved. However, for this period, the vibes of Scorpio are actually transferred on them. According to the astrologer, during this period, Leos will have to spend some time alone, in order to grow and heal. Such time of privacy and being far apart from the crowd is going to serve them to transform, as well as develop some new ideas and dreams.

Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)

This is the time for people in this sign, and they will be the most affected ones by the energies of the New Moon which comes. According to the astrologer, this lunar cycle is going to put these people in focus – in that way making them the attention point, which is quite nice, taking into consideration the fact that they could, in fact, utilize an extra love from other people.

Aquarius (20th January – 19th February)

This is an excellent period for Aquarius’s job. As the astrologer said, this New Moon occurs in the sector of the career of this sign’s chart, in that way taking with itself more chances for work, as well as a boost of their career – also, there is a possibility for promotion. So, if people in this sign have some plans about setting their purposes or even trying some new things at their work, the New Moon will be an excellent time to do that.

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