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Today’s New Moon In Sagittarius Is A Mixture Of Excitement & Shining Lure

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by Conscious Reminder

The new moon is due four days from now and will come in the sign of Sagittarius at 15°07’.

Its main effect will be restricted to Sagittarians, Geminis, Virgos and Pisces; it concerns people born in the second decan, or the ones with personal planets or ascendant points near the 13-17 degrees of the Mutable Cross.

The new moon has always stood for new harvest and new beginnings. It is the herald of a new lunar cycle, a time you should choose to sow seeds of efforts; the benefits will be reaped by you for years to come.

This is the time to set goals for yourself and prepare to bust your ass for them.

Sagittarius is the philosopher among the signs, the one true Bohemian whose perceptions are not only optimistic but also self-centred to the point of a delusion.

The new moon in Sagittarius makes up for the renewal of spirits and lost energy. Thanks to the wider perceptions of Sagittarius, the moon brings energies that will help your points of view that you didn’t think was possible before. It will be ‘Rashomon’ all over again.

Sagittarius is known for grasping the practical side of things, for always going for the bigger picture. Sometimes you have to let the teeny tiny details go to actually see the real workings under the skin. It is like looking at the intricate Nazca lines: takes a height to see the whole thing.

However, it is will be intense. Imagine a speed trip. Things will be blurred for most of the time. But magic can happen too in the blur.

Sensual and sexual pleasures have a lot of likelihood of materialising.

1. The party vibe will be on

This is because Jupiter, the king of lunation is going to be in this cosmic mix of happenings. This will make the Bohemian nature of Sagittarius take a nosedive straight up, making things all the more breezy and blurry.

Even if there is no party going on, things will have a party vibe. Jupiter is the king of the planets and there will of course be that lavish vein in things whenever he is in the mix.

Also, things might take a turn for the dramatic, with the energies becoming more and more sensual and tending towards blurriness. Things might get a bit exaggerated which fits with the stupor things will be headed into.

2. Seduction

Mars and Neptune will be in conjunction with the sign of Pisces, and the combination is going to be intensely sexual and sensual. The two planets will simultaneously be squaring it off with the new moon, drawing on those energies as well.

So the entire party-like quality of this time will be combined with the sensuality of this duo of planetary energies.

The Sun, which will be in a square aspect with Neptune will give the Romantic, chivalric quality to this whole shindig.

3. Freedom and Independence 

Uranus who will be opposing Venus will have already brought the freedom aspect into this mix of energies.

The relationships that have survived this astrological travesty of a year need to be careful now however, with things becoming highly like those romance novels; things can get complicated with people liking others being in relationships themselves. This is because of the Uranus-Venus opposition dynamic.

At the same time, while there is a load of independence to be enjoyed in singlehood, this might be the time to not incur unneeded expenses.

This new moon might be something we need badly, as we all have been stressed out in the recent past. So, take in the relaxing powers of the new moon; but beware at the same time: do not overdo the drunken stupor.

After all, we all know what a hangover tastes like.

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