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The Morphing Empath & Morphing Experience

by consciousreminder
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by Diane Kathrine

If you are an Empath you have probably had at least one morphing experience. Some of you may experience it on a daily basis.  I liken morphing to an encounter with a boggart would… You would have to be familiar with Harry Potter to understand where I am going with this.

In the Harry Potter books a boggart is described as a shape-shifting non-being that takes on the form of the viewer’s worst fear.

So what does this have to do with an Empath you might ask?

Well, there are some Empaths who act like a boggart but, rather than shifting their shape, they shift their behavior to fit in with the onlooker’s assumptions, or unconsciously morph their personality traits to fit the profile of another person’s beliefs.

Many Empaths are misread and wrongly interpreted. Their quiet ways are sometimes seen as arrogance, snobbery or standoffishness. Depending how the Empath feels will depend on what face they show the world. When displaying their ‘face of overwhelm’ it is often misinterpreted as an air of snootiness or a distinct lack of interest in others. There are some who will take the Empath’s still ways as a sign of self-importance and grandeur. They may feel judged and awkward, when in the Empaths presence, which can lead to the most monstrous of ill-informed impressions to form. (Also similar to the mirror-effect.)

When someone has a strong opinion of who they ‘believe’ you are, they will mold it into a vibrant mental picture. Because the Empath picks up on other people’s strong beliefs, and opinions, they can inadvertently morph their personality to fit the shape of these visions.

How does it work and what does it feel like?

When an Empath starts morphing, their behavior changes: They talk in ways not typical of their usual dialogue, they feel different and sense they are acting out-of-character but cannot shake off this assumed personality. Even when aware they are portraying a manifestation of another’s beliefs, they feel unable to step away from the foreign traits they are exposing.

Most Empaths are familiar with picking up, and acting out, other people’s personality traits. They can easily rub off and they may find themselves mimicking the ways of others. But during a personality-shifting episode the Empath parades the behaviors of what the other ‘believes’ they own. Time spent in the presence of those who see them in a less-than-cheery way, creates a short transitional period for the Empath, as they act out the attributes befitted to them. These traits are a far cry from their true personality, but for a time, whilst in the other’s company, they become imparted.

When no longer in said person’s presence the Empath may be left scratching their head as to why they always act in such a way, especially after they tried to be their true-self and not the fictitious oddity of a creature they often portray.

The positive side

It may seem I have painted a negative picture of how Empath morphing looks. There is also a positive, uplifting aspect which transpires during time spent with those who hold the Empath in high regard. For example, those who see the Empath in a good light, who understand their traits and see only positive qualities in them, it will generate an uplifting morphing episode. When this happens the Empath experiences an inner-power and their positive personality traits become more vibrant, energized and inspiring. They glow with confidence and an inner-strength, and generally feel elevated.

Although morphing may sound a tad ‘out there’, it is just another quirky trait of the Empath and a further example showing how easily influenced they are by the suggestions of other people’s energy. Morphing is simply another aspect of energy transferral. Empaths can be manipulated by powerful energy, such as strong emotion, opinions and ideas, and this is no different.

When they find Empath balance, or just become aware of their abilities, morphing becomes easier to recognize and control, as does controlling any type of external influence.

Hope all is keeping great in your world.

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Steven February 12, 2017 - 5:07 am

So what you’re saying is that somebody who is manipulated by emotions, also manipulte emotions? So they are riding one wave (i don’t have a word for it so I’ll make one up) “life wave”. The first being one of with they are being manipulated by human social and external “emotions, opinions, and ideas”. And the second wave that is called the “internal wave length”. The internal wave lenghth is based apon what we think of ourselves and mainly what is being put on us. Right? Because we know that each decision is important and if we don’t believe that it is good for our future, then we won’t do it. If you are trying to change the “world”, then you can’t live in the world you want to change. This being taken in whichever way you would like. An empath tends to believe that they must “tend” to people. Be as possitive as they can around them. Always smile to peoples faces. Be kind and courteous of one another. And absolutely make as positive of an impact as they can. If you are a person with the abilities to read other people and adapt to their personalities instintaniously. Then you should really work on those “powers” more. Because have that trait means that you are not only different, but you have an inate ability. Now I’m not saying you’re not the only type of person who can do that. There are many many different types of people out there. Some of those with awesome incredible traits just like yours. You may even know someone. You should be really excited to know that not only do you travel on the “life wave”, as well as the “internal wave length”; but you also have just another cool thing about you. One more of these, “traits” has to do with the type of person you are. If you are able to “change your personality” to one anothers personalities in an instant, then you can……. Well? Did you guess it? Just take a few moments to think of what that other, yet surely not the last very special traits of you. The third trait is being able to be WHO EVER you want to be. You see, because you are able to “change the way you think”, to “match a persons personality”, then you are able to be any personality there is. Because you do this instantaniously, it is inate. You have never even practices these traits before, yet you are able to do it in an intant. Not even being able to think ablout it, but just having the ability to be somebody different. You can be whoever you want to be. Didn’t you hear me? I said the “definition” of “”being able to conduct mutual satisfaction reactions, completely selflessly to a person”” is a “very special inate ability”, that you are born with. Now if you’re felling up to it. Look up the exact definitions of every single word in that context whice goes as follows. It is a group of words to be described by another group of words. The two groups of words mean the exact same thing. This may open your mind up to “another world”?


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