These Are The Crystals That’ll Bring You Prosperity In The Year Of The Pig

by Conscious Reminder

The Chinese New Year or the Year of the Pig has already started.

Here, we will present you the auspicious crystals which are meant for this year:

Pig birthstone: Ruby (fire) – the keywords which are associated with the warm and energizing stone Ruby are wealth, love, joy, power, and sexual energy. The Ruby stone is best known to enhance and strengthen the emotional and physical heart, or also called heart chakra, particularly after a person is mentally exhausted. This stone is best known for enticing courage, leadership, and love, then vitality, strength, stamina, and confidence.

Petrified Wood (wood) – it is a ‘stone’ which was said to help people investigate experiences from their past lives. Also, it is an earthy and warm stone that is utilized for their root chakra, motivating and encouraging the grounding and survival instincts of those people. This stone is also thought to energize their heart chakra. There is a seed which grows at the ‘heart of the tree.’

Yellow Jasper (earth) – the Yellow Jasper is actually a meticulous and methodical worker of down to earth and practical solutions, promoting some organizational courage and abilities, to solve different problems. This stone can even foster and nurture, so its energy may often be utilized for protection and grounding.

Snow Quartz (metal) – the white represents the metal, and it is actually the stone of observation. Just like the contemplative and introspective time of the winter season, the authentic Snow Quartz stone permits people to notice better the actions happening around them, regardless of bad or good, helping them to see maybe themselves better. Also, it may help them for meditation of several parts of their personality which they admire and the ones they have to change too.

Aqua Aura (water) – this stone will benefit their throat chakra in that way improving communications. Moreover, it is utilized by some crystal healers or other people in order to claim emotions and emotional bodies. It is really powerful when it comes to relieving stress. It has really strong energy which can be utilized for eliminating or only reducing anger. The energies of the crystal are going to let go of some old wounds, helping people with their emotional healing.

How To Get The Best Of The Crystals

∼ Placing each of the crystals from left to right in the form of a circle, you should create a five-star grid. Then, you may put the ‘wish’ you have for this year within this circle. Take a piece of paper and write down the wish or intention and after that place the paper in the circle’s center.

∼ There are rituals in which a candle is placed in the circle’s center. You should light that candle and then put the ‘wish’ right underneath it. Others tend to light the paper with the wish on fire, placing it in some dish in order to burn. With this, the wish is released into our Universe.

∼ There are also rituals which burn incense, or you can even put three oranges right in the grid’s center.

∼ You should make this grid on a yoga mat or the floor too, and it has to be large enough that you will be able to sit right in the center of all those stones. You should utilize this as the meditative or contemplative space in order to discover your own thoughts, also pray or simply lie down or sit for a break from the long day you had.

∼ You should then choose one of the stones and carry that stone with you during the entire day in the pocket, your purpose or also as the pendant.

In the end, place each of the stones in the room of your home in which they correspond. Whatever your intention or wish is, this will be an excellent time for creating your own path and moving forward.

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