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Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do These Things

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many people are often trying to get their physique healthy and strong. But often, they forget that there is another side of us which requires exercise. It is the mind.

We should try to be mentally strong as well and there are certain traits that we should adopt to be mentally strong individuals. And for that, we have to engage in certain practices. Especially, women need to find a way to be mentally strong in this current world.

Here are some of the things that strong women do that makes them mentally stronger than others:

1. Perfection is not their goal

When we set our standards very high, there is a chance that we can’t get to the goal. We want to not make any mistakes and the more we fail, the more frustrated we become. The pressure becomes so high that we end up fearing that we will never be good enough. Perfectionism becomes more of a curse than a pursuit.

2. Comparing with others

Nothing good has ever come out of comparing yourself with others. Whenever you compare yourself with another person, you tend to look at them in an elevated way – always trying to see how better they are than you. In this way, you end up feeling worse than you actually are. Rather than comparing yourself with others, try to learn from others.

3. They don’t downplay their success

We have been fed the notion that being proud or showing off is narcissistic. However, it’s not always the right way to deal with things. When you have accomplished something, you can always be proud of it. There is no shame attached to this – there is a difference between being proud of your achievements and narcissism. You have to be aware of it.

4. Self-doubt and Weakness don’t hold them as victims

We all have weaknesses, but many of us try to hide it and adopt an image of a strong person. But strength does not always come from hiding weaknesses. At times, we must show our vulnerabilities to the person we trust. That way, we can form meaningful relationships. Strong women are proud of their vulnerable side too. However, they don’t let their weaknesses take over their lives. They don’t have doubt about themselves – if they are pursuing a goal, they will do so anyhow. They trust and believe in themselves.

5. They lift others up

Life is not always a competition where you have to put others down to get a higher spot. We can all work as a team, lift each other up and then win the race towards our goals. Mentally strong women are aware of this. They are not self-centered – they will make a point to help others and lift themselves and others up as much as they can. Like a team.

6. Breaking Rules

Rules are often limiting – they tell us to act in a certain way, or wear specific clothes as mentioned in the dress codes. But mentally strong women cannot be limited in any way – they have to grow after all. Hence, rules don’t mean anything to them. They would often break rules if it limits them.

Believe in yourself. We are not born strong but we have to build ourselves to be strong. Follow these steps and become a mentally strong person.

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