September Is The Perfect Time To Get Out Of Limbo

by Conscious Reminder

August is always a slow month, isn’t it? We always feel that this month puts us in a fix and glues us up- no escape from that. But you know, it is fine. Not every month has to be a month of action.

While we still have fun, of a much more gentler, composed kind, August still manages to put a stop on most things. Because of this, any professional encounter that you were expecting, might actually not be a thing this September.

But the advantage here is, you get the time which is necessary for you to chart the next course of your life. We are already taking a pause to see where we stand currently and what else do we need from this life itself.

Actually, September is a perfect time for you. You don’t need to mold reality around you and you don’t have many expectations burdening your shoulders. You can actually give in to the most outrageous ideas that you may have had, and find some hidden gold.

So, this September, don’t let go off such ideas or simply file them away for later. Ideas are better implemented than kept on a shelf to catch dust.

Interestingly, if you decide to not do anything about your ideas, nothing really will happen. It can only take place, and September can only be a month for action if you decide to follow through on your ideas.

August could have been your fun month, but you can now try September for all your ideas. Keep in mind that you are almost nearing the end of the year. So, even if your ideas go wrong, you get a fresh slate next year.

But there’s a difference- January is all cold and bleak and you are not so brimming with energy like you are now. Use this September energy to fuel you up for the leap of faith.

September will also help you establish your goals more firmly, along with some steps attached to it. Those ideas you might have filed up previously, take them out and use this month to solidify them.

In case you are vehement about getting unstuck, this is how you can go through with that:

1. Talk to yourself about what’s hindering you from progress, and reflect on how you can get beyond that.

2. What can you change, and how? What do you think will fit perfectly?

3. Don’t go long in September itself. Baby steps that you can follow in the upcoming months too should be the goal.

Don’t worry about being lethargic, for the energy from this September is going to help you be optimistic and curious about the next months. You might even get really enthusiastic and jump right into the action.

There is no better time than this. September is all about finishing off with the summer and with the present energy at your disposal, you are good to go!

Get unstuck, and move forward.

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