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Weekly Horoscope June 10th-16th: How The Nearness Of Jupiter Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

This week, Jupiter will be closest to Earth. It’s happening on 10th June. It will be so close that you might even witness the moons of Jupiter.

The largest plant of the solar system, Jupiter, as a major significance in astrology. It is expansive and brings about knowledge, gratitude and morality.

There is an optimistic energy that collides with you when Jupiter’s energy enters your life. Here are some of the ways in which Jupiter will affect you this week:


You may come across a lot of money during this period but don’t start spending it on the next Gucci or some exotic ice-cream. You can have an ice-cream if you want but don’t have it daily. Save up and know, that money can be a lot useful for some other reasons too. Jupiter will also make you mentally active enough to go out and explore the world of knowledge. You will be open-minded and will gather more knowledge from different perspectives.


Be strong mentally. Do you ignore your mental health? This time, you might encounter some stressful situations. You have to deal with a lot of negative energy. Don’t skip on therapies due to your busy schedule. Also, you will find a connection with a higher power. Luck might come on your side.


You might mix with important people who will not have the same political view as you have. Don’t get too aggravated by this. Try to keep an open mind and accept that people can have different opinions. Thankfully, Jupiter will give you the strength to stay put in your own opinions and defending them. Just don’t take it too personally. Be confident and judge the risks before arguing with someone.


You have a great week ahead, but due to your perfectionist ideals, every great thing will just fall low and disappoint you. So, try to enjoy it a bit more without looking to deeply into something. Be a realist – that’s where Jupiter is helping you. Do things – find a direction and go forward to accomplish tangible goals out of it.


You feel like you are doing too much. It’s almost suffocating. Your kids are playing all the time and your house is in a mess the next moment after you cleaned it up. Try to take a break – go out for the week, maybe. Jupiter will bring you a new perspective with its expansive energy. Try to use that to shift your mood.


You have several goals but all of it is half-baked. Do you want to be a yoga trainer? Do you want to go to your ex’s wedding? It’s all muddled up. Leave it and check the next week. Jupiter, on the other hand, brings a lot of fortune to you if you are settled in any specific goal. Courage will become your middle name.


Don’t overpromise. Your loved ones will believe you but, in the end, you will end up disappointing them. Set your boundaries. Your loved ones will understand. Also, Jupiter teaches you to practice whatever you are preaching. Believe in yourself and try to establish the big picture. You can do well in education, traveling and exploring foreign cultures.


Try to think of everything as a deal. If you want your spouse to get your kid from the soccer practice, tell them as if it was a compromise. This will make them do it without much retaliation. Jupiter will bring fortune if you are ethical and deal with things maturely. Be disciplined at what you do.


This week was frivolous. Work has taken a lot of time and now, you want to go for a single objective. Multiple directions are just tiring. If you are tolerant enough, Jupiter will be more cooperative and impartial towards it. You have a choice in your hands – so, think out of the box and be creative.


Your passion might seem boring and that’s really bad. You need to turn the magic up. Best way to do it – engage in boring errands like going to the post office. That way, you will regain some influent. If you are devoted and compassionate with an underdog, then Jupiter will help you be more in tune with your emotions.


Don’t say something for the sake of it. You are witty but don’t devalue words. If people find you guilty, you will lose creditability. Don’t speak out in public places – rather, say ‘no comments’. If you are leading and enthusiastic about things, then Jupiter will bring fortune to you.


Luxury will be valued if you could afford it and enjoy it. You can have a Michelin-star meal but don’t just go for the price, enjoy what you consume. That will make it worth it. If you are generous and patient, then Jupiter will bring good fortune on you. But don’t get over-indulgent.

Jupiter’s good fortune will be upon you. Be prepared.

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